Thursday, October 22, 2009

Malacca Trip 2 - rocking the night

I was browsing through my old albums. Saw a photo taken in Aloha Club months ago. It suddenly struck me that I FORGOT TO BLOG ABOUT MALACCA CLASS TRIP PART 2 AND 3!!! OMG why didn’t anyone remind me??? This is Part1, click to refresh your memory. My draft for Part2 had been prepared half way. So now I’m gonna continue with that. Have to show you our nice photos no matter what!

With the aid of dim reddish light, the old buildings look fantastic at night.

The same goes to the trishaws, though they look a little creepy in this photo.

That’s us, looking very much like tourists who would never let go of any opportunity to capture the architecture of the town.

Every place is not too far from each other, so we decided to walk, and at the same time, to do some sight-seeing.

Aww, a poor boy got lost and was crying for his mama. How adorable. ROFL!

Red light street wtfreak.

Capitol satay celup!

Never fail to take a picha even while queuing.

It’s the ham sap kia and the four of us again. Teehee.

Not many photos of the food, as we were too hungry eating.

After dinner, we went back to Tang’s House and get dressed up for club. Thanks to Zi Khai who drove up from Muar in order to bring us there. Or else we probably wouldn’t be able to find our way there. William tagged along too. That’s him, the fat one XD

Zi Khai looking ah beng as usual.

We wore devil horns! Bought them from the jonker street. Can’t remember how much, but they were very cheap for sure.

The club in Malacca was rather disappointing though. Unlike in KL, there were bands singing on the stage throughout the entire night. DJ songs were played only during a few intervals. Worse of all, there was this very disgusting akua (tranny) dressing up like a girl and singing on the stage! Yea, that’s him in black. He wore other revealing outfits too, but I was too grossed out to capture the sights.

While the freak was singing, we were having our own good time drinking.

Until we finished a few buckets and the whole bottle. LOL.

However, it was the only time when all of us could club together. So we couldn’t have gone back without first having fun on the dance floor!

Noticed those two drunkards? Don’t they look like they’re fighting over who was more drunk? Our yumcha session was rather embarrassing, as Ben wouldn’t stop yapping in a drunken state. He kept going on and on and we had this urge to slap him hard on the face just to make him stop.

The moment we reached Tang’s House, the guys were all knocked out. Look at these two! Aren’t they cute? LOL! I kept trying to figure out what they looked like. Any idea???

In a sweaty and smelly state, the guys just went to bed without changing! I don’t understand, how could anyone sleep with their jeans on?

OMG. Did you see that???

From a different angle. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ben was sleeping with his underwear exposed! Gawd!!! I burst out laughing on the spot. The next day when we questioned him, he told us that he fell asleep while trying to change. WTF? How long does it take to get off a pair of pants? How could he have dozed off in the process?! What if he took off his pants and underwear and then fell asleep, resulting in me or any other girls catching the breathtaking horrifying view?

Didn’t I say that I would highlight that photo on my blog? Poor old Ben, he attempted so hard to delete it but to no avail! XD

Next post (Part 3): A’Famosa Resort. More exciting photos to come! Teehee.


Loo said...


Copykate said...

loo: tiny weeny willy XD

Benjamin Chuah said...


Copykate said...

ben: yayyyyyyy! teehee

Jackie said...

HAHAHAHAHA tat last pic!! damn epic wei XD

wen pink said...

satay celup is my favouriteeeeee ahhh! i miss eating it :( and capitol is always packed!! the last time i went there, we had to queue for almost an hour wtf!

Copykate said...

jackie: yes epic! the next day he kept trying to barge into the girls' room to get my phone. but we've bluetooth it to everyone XD

wen pink: yea the queue is crazy. nvm, replace satay celup with lok lok in kl. lol

JonyBr said...

Haha u r soooo Evil, poor Ben

Simon Seow said...

Especially for Robb is it? :P

Copykate said...

jonybr: his own mistake for sleeping like that XD

simon: LOL wtfreak!

Ewin Ee said...

LOL wah AKUA queen haha

Copykate said...

ewin: queen? more like king. fugly.