Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jen's Birthday @ Dave's

Last month, we celebrated Jen’s birthday at Dave’s located at 1U. Hik and I went earlier to shop around, and I was really hungry that time so we went to Sushi Zanmai. He was a bit reluctant at first, cause he wanted to wait for dinner. But I couldn’t shop properly with an empty stomach! *sulk*

Why was the conveyer belt empty??? Jeez.

The all-time favourite Chawanmushi.

Chuka Idako and smoked salmon. Yummm!

Jellyfish? Or something. And fish roe Inari.

Very yummy Tamago! It’s not in the menu.

Soft shell crab.

After a light snacks at Sushi Zanmai and a little bit of window shopping, we went to Dave’s and met up the Siao Gang.

Jen and her birthday presents.

The food there was rather pricey. But one thing worth ordering is this half meter pizza. Quite cheap actually if it’s shared among a few people. There were even left over! Jeez.

It was still early after dinner, so we decided to go for a drink at TTDI Plaza.

Hika-chan. He hates my flower X(

Cheers! To be honest, I’m not exactly the biggest fan of beer.

The design of the place (shit I forgot the name. anyone knows?) was quite chio. Instead of normal couch, they put up these bird-nest-thingy for you to sit or lie on. There were a few bars around too. Quite a comfy hang out place.

Last but not least, domo-kun’s Heineken indulgence! Teehee.


Unknown said...

i see heineken!
i want XD

Copykate said...

dylan: take it for all u want! i hate beer. blehhh

Simon Seow said...

At first I thought why Dave's got conveyor belt lol, then I read carefully only to found out why.

Copykate said...

simon: lol. that's unless dave's mama was a japanese. he would have opened a sushi restaurant with conveyor belt XD