Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hus Da Queen Naw?

WTF is wrong with me? I have been nothing but a lazy sucker these few days. Eat, sleep, online, watch anime is all that I do. First A2 paper starts on 28th October, which indicates that there are exactly 8days before I face my doom. Gawd, why can’t time just skip pass it and let it be over? To be honest, I have no motivation at all right now. Compared to how I once used to be, I’m no longer putting my 100% of effort into all these. But subconsciously, the daily stress has been haunting me in my dream. What stress, you ask? A girl like me who FB everyday shouldn’t be having any stress, no? But there was this night when I had a nightmare of getting my result cert. 1A 2B. At that moment, my world was collapsing. I thought my life was over. Thank goodness it was a dream. But at this rate, it’s not unlikely to happen to me huh. Judging by the way I plurk while doing my revision.

I’m not really the type who rants on a blog post. I mean, if I go on and on about how stressful my life is, you’re gonna be stressed up reading right? What’s the point of making everyone’s life so unhappy? So, I’ve decided. This post is gonna be a mixture of my random thoughts and a few happenings of the past events! Ha, how does that sound? First of all, I shall show you a very happy photo of me taken during Artistry at Quattro.

I promised to blog about the event, but I’m just way too lazy to upload all the photos. They’ve been posted onto my facebook though. I wonder, why is there no html code provided by FB, like Photobucket and Flickr’s application? I could just copy and paste it into my blog entry! Wouldn’t that make my life easier?

Moving on. Yummy cheesy macaroni in Secret Recipe! Unlike certain restaurants, they’re not kiam siap with the ingredient as there’s a sufficient amount of prawn and mushroom. In fact, it’s a rather big portion so if you’re not a big eater, it would be advisable to find someone to share with you. After all, it’s quite gross to consume that huge portion of cheesy food. I’ve forgotten when the photo was taken. It was probably during one of our regular lunch outings with classmates. To celebrate the end of our trial exam, if I’m not mistaken.

A pile of shit. Chocolate brownie. I’m sure it doesn’t taste as bad as it looks?

Oh, there are a few things and a few people in my mind that I wanna blog about! But, it will take like ages when I start bitching a discussion on a certain topic/fella. Next time alright? Wait till exam is over and when I finally have time to sit down and blog. (No I’m actually not sitting down while blogging now. I’m lying down, that’s why. Wtfreak) I’m contemplating which to blog about first. Whichever that enables me to shine as a bitchier wiser individual. HAHAHAHA.

Hello Hunt, you’re not included in the list that I’m going to blog about. So nah, here’s a freaking cool photo of you. Snap snap. Nothing could escape the eye of my camera. Even a ciggy moment can look so cool! It actually reminds me of some Japanese animation character. LOL? No, he doesn’t look that good actually. It’s the power of Cyber Shot. Or was it the gay –ish looking tight V-neck tee?

Auntie in cheongsam. Looking like a sad wife who goes through the hardship of having to wash her hubby’s sperm-filled undies everyday. Hence the emo expression and the tears. Wtfreak. Tried this on during my CNY shopping spree. Yea, that was like 9months ago. Nope, I did not buy it. Unless someone is willing to sponsor me to switch to the auntie image.

Taken on the day of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball movie screening. Noticed my dark eye bags as the result of having to wake up early. I invited a few bloggers along. Sorry for those who are working, as the screening starts at 10.30am.

With Jackie, Flora and Kristine at Sushi King. Howard did not join us because he doesn’t like sushi. Either that, or he wants to keep JunJun-riko and CathyC all for himself. Dude?? (kindly insert my tone into your imagination)

Unagi FTW! Noticed the grease dripping? Screw calories! Fattening and unhealthy food are FTW! LOL.

Those aren’t fake lashes, you bitches. My long natural eyelashes. Tsk tsk. It takes a lot of effort to have them all curled up though. And most of the time the curl doesn’t last. Help!

Darl and I, on the way to Whiteout movie screening. I miss you every single moment! *run before someone shoots me down with a gun for being too clingy*

The background exemplifies perfectly as my emotions. Foolish, nasty, yet unpredictable. Each time I trampled, yet never once succumbed to their reign. Guys Emotions, resemble nothing but fleas. They hurt, but never kill.

So who’s the queen now? Teehee.


joshuaongys said...

LOL!!!!!! I Don't Wana Answer Can Ah?

Copykate said...

joshua: but we know the answer dy. so ur anwer is totally unnecessary XD

JonyBr said...

The food looks yummy

Copykate said...

jonybr: they are yummy! LOL. hungry dy

JonyBr said...


And now i m hungry :(

Copykate said...

jonybr: what's with the crying? lol. i get hungry reading my own blog also! XD

JonyBr said...

I just act sensitive and cry :p

Little Ms Midnight said...

Your header photo is nice.

Copykate said...

jonybr: that crying wouldn't get u any good food :P

chili crab: thanks. someone made it for me XD

chee-v said...

jus realized ur bf is arsenal fan too !!!

Copykate said...

alvin: yesh! u too? awesome XD

chee-v said...

YES!!!!! I am 120% Arsenal fan for more than 5 freaking years!

JonyBr said...

If i dont get the food, i ll cry some more :p

HitoMi Ng said...

So dolly the eyes!! no Photoshop ah?? Look damn big and black

Copykate said...

alvin: gunners for life! LOL.

jonybr: pfft.

hitomi: no photoshop. dunno how to use anyway. lol. always look that big when taken close up O.o