Sunday, October 4, 2009

Zi Li's Farewell

Edited: MrHik is very proud of his new jersey so he asked me to include him in this post. Moreover, Arsenal scored 6-2 in the match just now. All the fans must be cheering now! XD

Arsenal FTW!

MU fans can go eat shit. ROFL.

So a few weeks back then, Zi Li who was flying to UK organized a farewell party with red jersey dress code.

Why Arsenal? Because Zi Li has been supporting Arsenal all the while. And I’m quite fated with Arsenal. See, he must be really happy standing in between two Arsenal babes. XD

Not surprising that some people violated the dress code. LOL.

ONS United. No idea where the name came from. Never bothered to ask. One Night Stand United? Wtfreak.

Ang didn’t have to wear a red jersey cause he’s obviously the ball.

So fat still wanna stand in front blocking everyone. HAHA.

Damn pattern XD

This photo kinda gives the impression that whatever teams the boyfriend supports, the girlfriend would always be at the same side. Really?

All the best to you in UK! Remember to bring back nice jerseys for the guys. Teehee.


Hikaru said...

lol dis is diff than what i imagine...

Copykate said...

hikaru: wadya mean?

vialentino said...

wah...damn cool and unique farewell...but why assenal....darn...hahaha

Copykate said...

vialentino: because arsenal rocks. 6-2 for the win! LOL wtfreak.

joshuaongys said...


Copykate said...

joshuaongys: puik! bleh

Tony Wan said...

Wow those gals are hot , but guys are pathetic LOL

Copykate said...

tony wan: the guys are pathetic? aww they'll be sad to hear that. lol