Monday, October 12, 2009

Winter Bar Experience

Greetings from Quattro Winter Bar!

It was the day when Artistry Press Conference was going on. No I did not go for the press conference. Instead, I decided to shop in KLCC with Hunt and Cocky. The moment we descended from the LRT, Hik called and asked me to hurry to Quattro to get goodie bag. Damn kacau la him, people wanna go shopping XD

They gave me 2 Lenka’s CD in the goodie bag. How come I didn’t get Boys Like Girls’??? Jeez. Instead of heading straight to KLCC, the three of us decided to pay a visit to Winter Bar. Apparently all the artists and reporters were there having some kinda interview session, but we managed to sneak in without anyone’s notice.

It says no entry but, oh well, screw it! LOL.

See, lying down on the faux fur coated couch some more. Damn syok.

It was my first time to the winter bar (damn suaku yala) and I insisted that we stayed in longer to take more photos. But it was negative (how many again?) degree! After a few minutes or so, my nose was feeling numb. I could feel my entire body freezing in the tiny little bar.

The ice we were sitting on were wet, hence my awkward position. I was worried that it might soak through my whole jeans, but I couldn’t help sitting there and posing for the camera.

I must say we had heck lots of fun sneaking into that place. Short as it seems, it gave me a moment of joy and excitement (ROFL always so happy when I do something bad. Wtfreak). Eyu, you should have joined us! XD More photos on Artistry at Quattro Autumn Club soon!


Anonymous said...

I can feel the cold by the photos! lol

Copykate said...

joshua: LOL. my nose was numb for quite a while after i came out from the bar. and my entire body felt weird

L.Chew said...

wow... so cold.. Ops.. Cool~!! I never go in Winter Bar.. =/ I wonder when I have the chance to enjoy night life again! =( gosh... I hate being tied at home!

shEngyi said...

oh u noe ah lee? ^^

Copykate said...

chew win: surely u have the chance. provided u no longer look underaged. otherwise like the previous time we went. HAHAHAHA

shengyi: ah lee? cocky chun? yesh! XD