Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Westin EEST

Thanks to Katie’s voucher, Hikaru and I had a dining experience at Westin Hotel. Out of a few restaurants in the hotel, we chose EEST for Dim Sum Brunch. RM88++ for a dim sum buffet, will you pay for it?

It must be pretty reasonable if you’re a rich bloke. Imagine a rich boy waking up at 12pm realizing that his maid had forgotten to make lunch. “Let’s have dim sum at Westin! It’s RM88 for buffet style! Damn cheap.” he texted his girl.

(this is not the rich boy. pictures are solely for illustration purpose. lol)

Furthermore, Westin is located opposite Pavilion, where they had planned to shop after a hearty meal.

Upon arrival, they were served a welcome dish.

They ordered a variety of dim sum from the menu, each presented with a sophisticated name. The girl was vain hungry. She remembered to take photo of herself but not the menu.

Due to her forgetful nature, the supposedly “something-phoenix claw-something” shall be called the chicken feet.

Spring roll.

Xiao Long Bao! Don’t they resemble saggy breasts?

Chee Cheong Fun. Yummy prawns and the scallops!

Sio bi (or you call it siu mai) is a must-have. See the fish roe on top? XD

Hika-chan loves siu mai. But I’ve kinda developed a phobia towards it ever since the end of Standard 3, when I ate 8 siu mai continuously for a few days. I thought I love it a lot. The last day I ate, I threw up in the rubbish bin. So much for being greedy.

Har kao (prawn dumpling?) is also a must-have! Nothing beats a good bite of fresh prawn.

Carrot cake.

Lotus leaf rice.

Paper-wrapped chicken. HAHA this is the direct translation!

Some other fried stuff. Told you I forgot the names!

We were really full after eating the main dishes, but still, we ordered all five of the desserts stated on the menu.

Turned out that they come in very small portion after all. So we ordered more. LOL.

I was having fun poking the spoon on “Kimochi”, thinking that it looks like a testicle that would never burst. Hik said the surface does look like his balls. Wtfreak.

Pisang goreng and teh tarik ice-cream. So Malaysian.

Rating: 7/10. Extra point for the desserts. Teehee. But I still prefer those cheap and delicious road side dim sum stall.


superwilson said...

wah, so rich.. lunch also must be westin... sudah macam celebrity couple...

Copykate said...

superwilson: cause it's free! lol. got the free dining voucher from my friend. we aren't rich celeb couple XD

test said...

I stick with normal kopitiam dim sum 1st. U got Free dining voucher ? Sound cool

Simon Seow said...

Sigh. I'm on diet now, don't tempt me.

Copykate said...

spectre: yea kopitiam dim sum da best! lol

simon: diet?? what crap is that. kaka. no more food review then?

Anonymous said...

RM88 for dim sum??? I will eat gao gao till wan poos then i eat again and again. lol

Copykate said...

joshua: i always feel like shitting while eating buffet halfway. shit dy eat again. very worth XD

Asstounding kukubird said...

EEST!!!! I been there too... food is great!!!!

Jackie said...

fuiyoh dimsum..long time din eat...u stimulated me adi -___-

Unknown said...

wah, my mouth watering adi. how how?

Copykate said...

jee sheng: oh u've been there! nice yea. yum yum XD

jackie: stimulated?? WTF! HAHAHAHA.

dylan: bring your gf go EEST. lol

TheJessicat said...

fuckkkkkkkk stimulated???? OMG AAAHAHHAAHHAHA

xu.xu.moi said...

reading your blog at this time is a really bad idea...

*rushes to the kitchen*

Copykate said...

jessica: yea wtf he said i stimulated him! LOL!

sirei: it makes me hungry too! those dim sum look so irresistable. *drool*