Saturday, February 2, 2008

Go Get It Babe!

It's the 1st of February!!!

Nope, actually, 2nd.
Can you believe that next week it'll be Chinese New Year?? I'm so looking forward!

Meanwhile I've been really busy. With my new Copykate Fashion business especially. And also, busy shopping!!! XD Hello, I don't only shop for clothes k! There was this one day when mum, sis and I went shopping for CNY must-have household stuff. It was hilarious how I push the trolley while holding my camera and shooting pix all over. At least my dearly cam made me look less like an auntie!

This weekend we will be real busy!

And the thing is, I haven't have enough new clothes!

What do you think? Black ones don't count k! Grey ones don't count also.

Here's something I must show you! I spotted this really nice dress in the shop. It comes with the necklace.

Isn't it really chio and classy???

If you hate being baggy and pregnant-liked, wear it with a waist belt! (With that bimbotic little bag XD)

Man, don't I look fabulous??? Don't you simply love it???!

But. . . can you believe that everyone disapproved me from wearing that so-chio-and-classy-and-fabulous-and-very-fantastic-so-totally-awesome dress?!

They freaking thought it was meant for aunties! What a big big big insult! Aunties don't deserve to wear this little black dress! Don't even think about it!

They really thought it wasn't suitable for me.

Dad said I look awful in it.

I thought he was the awful one.

The only person who liked it was Hui Yi (Katie). She said it's Chanel inspired (thanks babe, I knew I should have asked you earlier!) See, we both have good taste! The rest of the people should just shut up and continue wearing their ah-lian pieces.

The first thing I'm gonna do tomorrow is get to the shop and grab that dress before some fat and ugly auntie buy it!

There's another one in purple actually.

But I want the black one!

So you can have the purple one. Just make sure you don't wear it the same time as me. Because you know who's gonna look better.



TheBeerCrusader said...

Hei !

That black one is mine for my girlfriend !!

How much you buy huh ?!

I pay you triple !!!!!!!

Just kidding dude... nice clothes .. XD

amei79 said...

Wow, this is CNY mood or shopping mood? ^_^

Ya, Black, white, green, yellow, blue...etc all not count...only pink/red take for CNY mah, must be reddish better...lolz

Anonymous said...

Chanel are for sleek and stylish people, though I had a hard time deciphering what you're about to say, my estrogens don't agree with you.

Chanel was not an inspiration for this piece of... uhh, dress?

Copykate said...

knew u were kidding babi.

dun think u were that kind to pay me triple just to get it for ur gf.

but, i wud seriously consider selling it to u if u're willing to pay triple, u know XD

Copykate said...


i sudn't have counted those colours other than red as my cny clothes yea?

silly me. i only have like, 1new cny outfit!! X(

Copykate said...

in the name of bryanboy.


bryanboy hearts chanel.

but who r u?