Monday, April 6, 2009

Booze Party @ Rawang

The Coolerclubbers had yet another booze party last month!

This time, we had it done at Fuzz, the Coolerclubber president’s house in Rawang. The kampong place was soooooooooo far way from KL city. I had a dreadful journey as we got lost in the extremely dark, without-street-light roads surrounded by creepy forests. To be honest, after my robbery incident, I was more afraid of men with parang rather than ghost.

When we reached, Fuzz and the others were barbequing at the backyard. Next to him is a curious boy exploring the pretty photographer with the torchlight.

The party this time was to celebrate Hikaru, Yat, Edmund and Sue’s birthday (even though their birthdays are like months apart).

Have you seen anyone who cuts a birthday cake with a cleaver? XD

Talk to Yat’s evil eyes. It symbolises the decay of sanity. Wtfreak.

Obviously we believed that the cleaver could be put into a better use. LOL.

The birthday boys received a silk necktie each from Fuzz.

Cutie kitty! And I mean the kitty on the ties.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Dahlia was the one who made the chocolate cake? It was really rich and delicious! I kinda miss it now. Give me the recipe please!

Since it was a booze party, we played games which require everyone to drink. This time, the card game was a little crazy and most of us already drank up at least 3shots within 8minutes.

Poor darl with red rashes. Kaka.

You know how people turn brave and high and crazy when they’re drunk? But this particular became shy when the alcohol hits his head XD

Who needs make up when their cheeks are naturally rosy pink like me? LOL.

This is only halfway through the game. Glasses, snacks, shattered cards and the drunk Edmund- always the first one who falls asleep.

Eventually, everyone got too tired and fell asleep after one another. The next thing I remembered, I was squeezing on the tiny couch next to Hik with pain all over my body X(

The next day, Fuzz brought us for lunch at an Indian rice shop.

There were only two long tables in the shop. We assumed that most of the customers are regular visitors.

It seems that they have no intention of extending their business. The shop was always crowded though.

As you can see, the rice is served on banana leaves!

While you’re eating, they would add on more and more side dishes onto your leaf. The basic charge is RM3 regardless of how much rice and side dish you refill! I think the only thing they charge is the fish and chicken.

Oh, if you were to try out their food, be prepared to dirty your hands as they supply very limited fork and spoon. It’s time to experience being a traditional Indian! Teehee.

The price list.

This is the landmark right opposite the shop. In case you happened to drop by Rawang next time =P


shadowking said...

Sounds like a friggin awesome party :)
Happy birthday to all the birthday kids :D

Copykate said...

shadowking: booze parties are awesome! but i was in a great fear that the robbers might break into the house that night. LOL

shadowking said...

LOL poor you :(

Anonymous said...

u have beautiful eyes, jeles nyerr

Anonymous said...

nice.. awesome.. great.. =D

Yatz said...

now i miss the banana leaf rice..

Copykate said...

shadowking: teehee i'm usually not that timid :P

anon: really. LOL thanks.

kenwooi: hmm. . yea XD

yatz: the taste doesn't really suit me. i prefer something more spicy. kaka