Thursday, March 26, 2009

I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband

Hi there, this is Kate Perry! Thanks to all my hard core fans, I’m now a well-known pop singer. For those who haven’t heard about me, let me tell you a little secret! My surname is actually Hudson. But in order not to cause confusion between me and that film actress, Kate Hudson, it is inevitable for me to use a stage name. So, I had no choice but to steal my mum’s maiden name, Perry.

You know when you start getting popular, people would do all sort of things to worship you, like making you into a doll.

Gawd, I didn’t know I was that skinny! *grins*

They even copied my push up bra to the little doll??? *shrugs*

Recently, I was informed that girls heart my dresses as much as they heart my songs is that true?). As a matter of fact, I have always been an inspiration in the fashion trend for my unconventional dressing style. Two main features which I often apply on my outfit: 1)vintage; 2)flamboyant. Apart from that, I love clipping floral accessories onto my black silky hair.

In an ordinary citizen’s point of view, life as a celebrity is always fun and glamorous. Being followed by paparazzi like a superstar, riding on the shiniest limo, hooking up with Hollywood’s 10 Most Wanted Babes, dating the hottest celebrity (either of same or opposite sex), and owning uncountable designer labels. However, our lives are not as ideal as you would have thought, but rather, hectic and stressful. Imagine being spotted during my vacation at Hawaii, having my sublime body in bikini captured on somebody’s camera, then being posted to Gutterpost and who-knows-what-other-gutter-websites! Baam! Within a mouse click, my private personal life is revealed to the world!

Although I resent the invasion of my privacy, a reasonable amount of it would certainly contribute to my publicity. Without these, my albums would not be selling like hot cakes worldwide. Speaking of publicity, I will be making a public appearance on Nuffnang’s Music Bash 2009 sponsored by maxis Broadband. It is on 4th of April (coming soon!!!) from 6pm-10pm at Maison Club. It is an exclusive party meant for music celebrities like me. Teehee.

Never mind about those singing and dancing part. You know that’s what we do when we gather around. What seems appealing about the party is none other than the prizes! Oh gosh, I am aiming for the best dressed award this time! Can you believe that Paris Hilton received the best dressed award during the previous Halloween party??? Seriously, with that tacky red furry stuff around her shoulder and the slutty net stocking! I am glad that she did not bring her Chihuahua, in case it poo poo on my dress. Ok, not that I was present that night. In fact, if I were there, she wouldn’t have won so easily! This time, I will be there to take you down, Paris! Just you see! XD

I’ve contacted my designer this morning and he said my awesome dress will be ready by tomorrow! OMG this is really exciting! All I need now is some accessories and hair product. Oh oh, gotta hire someone to polish my heels!

Should I bring an R&B singer as my partner or just a secret anonymous date to the party? See, whoever says celebrities do not have to encounter such difficult decision making! Gotta listen to my manager’s advice and my fans’ opinion.

So, who would you like to see as Kate Perry’s date on the music bash? XD

12 comments: said...

did you kiss a girl?
did u like it? XD

Anonymous said...

I totally know what you are talking about
The normal people just dont know how hard it is to just be beautiful and famous
and the paying is not always that much
and taking drugs is totally impossible without creating a scandle
cant they understand under how much pressure you would be if you were super duper famous and good looking


Anonymous said...

why kate hudson?

U can pretend paris hilton better..looks real with bimbo sunnies...unfortuanely she's not a singer only nia

TianChad田七摄影 said...

Kate Perry/Paris
See you at music bash with your beloved date "HiRuKa" ;p

Copykate said...

sirei: yesh and ur so gay! LOL.

shadowking: u mean scandal? lol. but still, being pretty and famous and RICH will be cool too. teehee.

sim: it's kate perry, not kate hudson! i think there will be a lot of paris that night. besides, i don't have a blonde wig!

tian chad: hiruka??? wtfreak. will see ya there yea? XD

Anonymous said...

copykate: thats exactly what i wanted to say... you are so smart~~~

(dont misunderstand i dont want to be sarcastic)

anyway of course it would be cool
i was just kidding ;)

Copykate said...

shadowking: what a sarcasm! -.- doesn't matter if i am not a famous celebrity. being rich will do XD

shadowking said...

Lol thats true :D :D :D

Copykate said...

shadowking: jeez. u're fast O.o

shadowking said...

mhhh yeah i am, but after that i went to the gym...
so no chance for me to reply :D

Andrew said...

wooot~ kate perry meeting x-japan this saturday! muahahahah =D

TheJessicat said...


wooooots! *HIGH 5*