Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pool Side Picnic

Approximately one month ago, Katie had to leave to Melbourne again after her few months of long summer holiday. Being her two closest and “best-est” friends, Jess and I went back to Muar for our last girls-day-out farewell. This time, instead of our usual hang out at cafes, we decided to have a private pool side picnic, or at least that was what we called it. Alright, it was real picnic k! Considering there was a picnic basket and real picnic food like sausage roll (as claimed by Katie) wtfreak. And of course, accompanied by champagne (sparkling juice HAHA but champagne sounds nicer) and a few other snacks.

We were grateful that Katie’s grandma borrowed us her resident pass to the apartment. In fact, our intention of having a picnic was to capture awesome pictures (of us, of course) in party dresses!

Trust me, apart from shopping, her favourite past time is posing in front of her mirror at home. That explains all.

Jess isn’t as innocent as she looks because she is the bitchiest among us, in fact, the bitchiest bitch ever! XD

My hair looks best on a breezy evening.

Whoever wears heels to the pool side? We, the greatest!

Time to open the champagne. Visit Katie’s post for the cork popping video. Not gonna post it here cause my shouting in the background is rather embarrassing. Wtfreak.

Instead of being given boring job like carrying our bags, this time Jess has been assigned to pour our champagne. Teehee.

Katie and Kate =)))

No alphabet tarts for Jess, but at least she got doughnut balls which resemble her face XD

Champagne, for friendship!

Mini Cornettos which I had eaten three that night before sleeping. The next morning my period came -.-

How could we have a pool side party without swimming? It’s Muar, where most people are narrow-minded and conservative. So, no bikinis!

My hair so long and nice right? XD

Is this skimpy or what? Because the horny annoying guard kept making negative remarks like “jalan terlanjang-lanjang” or was it “jalan terjongeng-jongeng”, whatever it means. I think he was saying that our outfit was too revealing. Wtfreak.

Oh, he even demanded us to put on swimming cap before entering the pool! Gosh, and it was like, an obligation. Jeez.

Screw him! Screw swimming cap! Seriously. I would have kicked him into the pool if he demanded us to wear goggles.

We did not leave until the sky turned dark. By the time I was freezing like a pathetic drenched stray cat.

This is where we spent our sleep over that night! Katie’s mini library or whatever you call it.

A TV with a DVD player! We watched a gigolo movie before sleeping.

I miss you babe! It sucks not having you here. And you are the only one whom I can tell my secrets to, the only one who understands me well, and the only one who always tempts me to buy almost every single outfit I try on!

Can’t wait for you to come back on June! We gotta have another extraordinary GNO! <3


Anonymous said...

Now thats a cool picnic :D

of course the champagne cant be missing :D

cant really say anything about posing... i am not that much of a poser, but i can say that it does look cute/fun

and i always wanted to swim at night (naked)...

Katie ♥ said...

HAHA I didn't know you took a picture of our sleeping area wtf.

Why got no pictures of us together wan! The one where both our arms are held out and my hair blowing is damn nice, WTF ;D

And I am damn touched that there are so many pictures of me, and less of you.. Very touching especially since it's very unusual as you know, hahhahahah!

I miss you too my love.. Always! <3

Copykate said...

shadowking: swim naked? wow. now the fact is, i'm not much of a good swimmer. alright alright, honestly, to be more precise, i can't swim at all! but i love playing in the water XD

katie: oh man, i left out the pic of me and u! nvm, there are still a few that we took together near the pool. teehee. the post is about u! so there must be more pic of katie instead of kate! XD and course i took photo of our sleeping place! good to preserve such memory <333

Anonymous said...

huh you cant swim??? wtf
and why not swim naked...

i thought a situation that somebody that a girl cant swim and a boy has to teach her in a really romantic way only exists in series...

=chuan guan= said...

tot can see some bikinis when seeing the title..hiak hiak hiak..too bad

Copykate said...

shadowking: yes i can't swim. i went for swimming lessons for like, twice, but i gave up -.- that situation certainly exists in real life! but not my turn yet. no hot guys who are willing to teach me swim X(((

cg: aww. too bad yea no photos of bikini babes. next time maybe, next time! i promise! XD

Chuah Chee Keong said...

go find ur one night stand guy to teach u swim XD in naked :P

Copykate said...

chuah: eew? NO! "one night stand" yea right. gross. unless he's like super duper hot, i might consider u know? XD wait, who are u by the way? ben ben?

Anonymous said...

copykate: I would teach you if i were somewhere near you...

Copykate said...

shadowking: oh really. but like i said, that's if u are a hot guy. if, if if if! XD

Anonymous said...

Lol you dont know how i look like
so there is still the possibility ;)

and no i dont wanna upload a picture right now...

Hikaru said...

am i the hot 1 then? lol

Copykate said...

shadowking: u know what, maybe u've just destroyed your chance by saying so. LOL

hikaru: maybe. but u refused to teach me swim!!! X(

Anonymous said...

mhh i am just kidding
I am pretty decent i would say
and i will show you some pics later

but my hair looks like crap right now :(

Copykate said...

shadowking: decent? lol. ohh u will? thought u're keeping anonymous. we shall see! XD

Anonymous said...

mhh yeah you will see :D

nope dont need to be anonymous
I have nothing to hide :D

Copykate said...

shadowking: oh really. that's quite unbelievable XD

shadowking said...

I just made a photo

and i am currently uploading it

Copykate said...

shadowking: serious? *fingers crossed* XD

shadowking said...

yep serious

you can look at my image now here:

thats my webspace not a website
i put all kind of stuff there like images or stuff i need to try