Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Can't Stand Them

I can’t stand people who are dumb! It’s not that I discriminate dumb people. I know they can’t help, as not everyone is born a smart ass. But seriously, won’t they ever learn??? It’s okay to be dumb, but a sin to be dumb and make no effort! You know how some people like to ask the same shit over and over again, until you get tired of explaining and eventually hoping that they would just fuck off. But then sometimes these people are so close to you that you can’t simply tell them off like how you could easily do to a stranger. Take an example, when you’re in the class, your lecturer is right in front giving instructions on your assignments and presentations. You are listening so attentively, but at the same time there is this dumb blonde sitting next to you chattering all the way. It’s distracting! After that, as we are all prepared to work out in groups, your dumb friend would ask you what the lecturer had just said! Being a kind friend, you have no choice but to repeat every single word (maybe not every single word, screw it!) from the lecture. And that’s not all. As I said, you friend is dumb, so further explaining is highly demanded in this situation. Questions like “What does that mean?”, “How do we do that?”, “Can you say it again?” etc etc would start being thrown to you. It’s really frustrating sometimes that people can’t even catch some simple concept with their gigantic rotting brain! And what makes you angrier is the fact that your friend did not even try to listen in class in the first place.

I can’t stand people who are dependent! Some people are so spoilt that they can’t even do a single thing on their own. I understand that there are many who come from rich family and are used to be spoon-fed since young. But then, as you stepped into the society, you can’t expect everyone to pamper you like your family! No one gives a shit if you can’t wipe your own ass. Okay, maybe if we, being your good friends, happened to see that you are having a problem wiping your ass, we might actually lend you some toilet roll (lousy ass-wiping example wtfreak). However, that’s the farthest we can help. You don’t expect us to actually hold the piece of toilet paper and wipe it on your dirty ass, do you? But sometimes, you are so used to being dependent you forgot how you should wipe your ass. You start asking around, “How to wipe my ass?”, “Where do I begin wiping my ass?”, “When do I have to wipe my ass?” etc etc. Instead of being independent and attempt to seek for the solutions, you keep relying on people around you to give you the answer. Oh, that sounds really familiar! Refers to the first paragraph! So being dependent would eventually make you a dumb person. They are somehow inter-related, I see XD

I can’t stand people who are selfish! We, as a community, have always been helping one another in times of need. So it caught me in surprise when I came to know this person who is so selfish that he was probably a fishmonger in his previous life! When he has something good, he would refuse to share it with his friends, even though it would not affect him the least. “Why should I share it with you?” Get a life, dude! You are not living on your own. Although it did not happen to me, as a witness, I was utterly perplexed by his attitude and behaviour. Sometimes when he has something, he would deliberately hide it. “Shh, don’t tell them.” Too bad dude, people’s mouth are never sealed. After all, who would want to seal their mouth for the sake of a selfish person who lives for no one but his own self? See, the problem is, when you refused to help others, it is unlikely that people would stand by your side even when you need them.

I complain a lot. Maybe I should stop. Or maybe you can help me add on the list. I know it would be endless if I go on. I think I’m the type of person who sees the worst in people. Highly observant and judgemental when it comes to human’s behaviour. But on the other hand, I could be a rather forgiving and forgetful person. It’s like today I condemned you as a major disappointment, but tomorrow I would be your biggest fans. It’s a shame sometimes that I can’t take a permanent stand =/

So last weekend when I was back to Muar, I finally met Andrew! Andrew who? Andrew Chua! Like, after so long. Ever since he was back from Singapore, we had never got the chance to meet up as there were always circumstances that prevent our rendezvous. It was either me being stuck in KL, him having family dinner, his friends coming to visit, or him being admitted into the hospital. This time I brought Jess along, but too bad I couldn’t bring Katie, as she has left to Singapore one day before her flight to Melbourne. Jess was Andrew’s ex neighbour and ex playmate while Katie used to have a crush ehemmmm on ehemmmm HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I cannot continue anymore HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA during primary school la okay HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Our story dated back to Form3. Andrew was an extremely quiet boy sitting at the first row of the tuition class minding his own business, while I being the naughty one would sometimes kicked his chair and poked his back throughout the whole class until he actually got pissed off and stormed out of the class when it ended. The rest of the story is for me to know and for you to find out. Teehee.

Forgive them, as they were trying to look playmate-ish. LOL.

Enough lah, wtfreak.

Is this dress curtain-liked or what?

What an understatement! I think it’s pretty! Makes me look preggie though wtfreak. There are always new dresses in mum’s wardrobe. Good thing we can share XD

Can you see my Donald Duck bed sheet? I don't like it. Asked my maid to change to the animal print one! Kaka. That Hello Kitty mattress sheet is giving me eye sore -.-

Alright. I think I shall log off with typical online style.

“Gtg ciaoz c ya!”

That’s kinda lame. Wtfreak. Bye.


Katie ♥ said...



~AmY~ AmylopectiN said...

Hi Kate!
I somewhat agree with u...
It's irritating sometimes when people keep asking you silly questions... No that we discriminate those dumb people but... Ya...
Haha... I always see the worst in people too... XD

Hayley said...

kate, i cannot stand people who pretends!!! talk nicely in front of you.. but back stab behind you!!! where got people liddat one?!

CharLene said...

relax~~ haha....
jz ignore those dummy whenever u can...
sometime i even pretend like i din hear them....
it's the best solution after all.... haha~

Benjamin Chuah said...


NICELY SAID WAHAHAHA, come to think of it, i fully agree with u weh! ESPECIALLY THE 3 people u dislikes XD oh wait, i'm not included in the list am i??? maybe I fall in the 3rd group woahhh, but no la, I think my level of selfishness hasn't reach to a point when people need to shoot me so badly, despite i know i'm selfish XD

Btw, i practically laughed my ass off reading the 1st type of people. HAHAHAH FTW DUMB BLONDE, *i'm not pointing names, note: I'M NOT POINTING NAMES XD* rolf lmao..

let me guess, u must be having that someone in ur mind while writing this post. I understand you,, wheeeeee :D

P/s: maybe I know who were u referring too ^^ got he got she somemore, pretty obvious no? or mebe not. bleh

=chuan guan= said...

haha...there r lot ppl like tat..guess u have to adapt and learn how to "un-dependant" them..it's annoying at times..do tell them by hinting them, hope that they would change..if not they would be bugging u till ur end of college life..haha..they r just taking for granted that they had friends to cover up for them..so so..just do watever u can do to wake them up lor..if they read ur post..sure #$%^&***(..LOL..guess..gals r always gals..hahaha

Copykate said...

katie: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA why are u so mad? i did not say u had a crush on andrew, did i? ROFL!!!! don't worry, u might not be the only one. coz jess was asking me the other day whether she had a crush on him too. jeez. she should ask herself! XD

amy: u feel the same too? oh great! glad that i'm not the only one. teehee. it's really annoying being asked stupid questions. once is okay, but everyday! -.-

hayley: yea that sucks too! i know people who are like that! and i was the victim a few times. jeez. should add that to my list. brilliant!

charlene: most of the time i give brief answers. ignorance is bliss doesn't apply in this case since he/she is your friend X(((

ben: it's pretty obvious right! LOL. yorrr i cannot tahan. wtfreak. u probably know how i feel, judging from one sentence on ur latest post XD dun worry, you're not included in those categories. not dumb, not dependent, not selfish, but just extremely gay and crazy! LMAO!!!

cg: undependent them??? wtfreak. kaka. i don't exactly know how. try to avoid from sitting next to them perhaps XD yea will be so awkward if he/she reads the post. i highly doubt they will though. teehee

Benjamin Chuah said...

woi kate wtf is extremely gay n crazy kaninaaaaaaaaaa.




watch and be merrrry

xu.xu.moi said...

haha, can't agree more on your post! every point is true!
the preppy kids always own these kind of personalities, don't know how their parents can bare them... XD

Copykate said...

ben: okay extremely gay and crazy! kaninaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! XD oh gawd that video sucks! the 2nd part i mean. jeez. like some crazy bitches fighting over uncle ben ben wtfreak.

sirei: *hi5!* they're probably like that due to the way they're raised up. teehee