Friday, June 3, 2016

The Kind of Man You Should Marry

Marry a man who chose you out of love, but not out of duty and responsibility.

A man who is determined to spend the rest of his life with you, throughout all possible adversities and hardships.

A man who can grow and learn with you through the experiences you go through together in life.

A man who wakes up and tell you how beautiful you are, and would spend the rest of his life admiring your beauty. 

A man who is excited for a long-time adventure you are ready to take on.

A man who appreciates your humor, your silly jokes and your hysterical laughter which would eventually be the music to his ears. 

A man who doesn't promise not to make you cry, but would wipe your tears and hold you in his arm if you ever do.

A man who is serious in life, yet still knows how to have his fair share of fun.

A man who is ready to take your hand and explore the parts and parcels of this beautiful planet.

A man who takes you to places you have never been and feeds you delicacies that intrigue you.

A man who may have a different set of ideology, yet still able to see the world from you perspectives.

A man who teaches you how to be a better person, yet without changing who you really are.

A man who would always take your side, especially when dealing with bitches.

A man who sees no one else but you as the apple of his eyes.

A man who prioritizes your needs and respects your opinions. 

A man who would never do things that could potentially hurt you, regardless how minor it may be. 

A man who is never afraid to apologize for his mistakes, and who promises to be better next time.

A man who never raises his voice at you regardless how heated your argument may get.

A man who includes you in his plans and considers you before the decisions he makes.

A man who holds on to you and never ever leaves you. 

A man who loves you, and stays in love with you, always and forever. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Should You Marry Someone of Different Religion?

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Growing up, I have always been taught to respect everyone regardless of race or religion. I was born into a Buddhist family who were later on converted into Christians. My dad remained a free thinker, but he always uphold the highest respect for each and every one of our belief. Despite his tendency to lecture us on how our destiny is not controlled by the spiritual being but is within our own hands, he still played badminton with some of our church members, never had problem having short talks with our pastors and sometimes would even gladly attend the events held at the church if he isn't too busy with work. Although he has never truly believe in God, I am glad that he has never once discriminate. And likewise, we would never look down on or distance ourselves from our relatives who are of different religions. And neither would we force them into believing what we deem is is the true path, as we know that they have the rights and freedoms to their own religious beliefs.

It's a shame that religion which is meant for the better good of the world could become a reason for discrimination. My previous encounters have always been us Christians discriminating (sort of) against other religions, as we were continuously taught to only marry someone who believes in God as the basic rule to a happy marriage and blessed family unit. I totally understand where the concern is coming from, as couples of different religions may have arguments later on in life due to their differences. I never really stick to that advice, as I did not want to limit my choices within that religion :x (Besides I don't really meet that many Christians in life. Partly because I don't really go to church lol. But ask my bestie who attends church regularly and she would tell you the same) 

However, sometimes the discrimination comes from other religions who prefer to distance themselves and to avoid marrying their offsprings to Christians because they think that all Christians are evangelists who would constantly persuade them into joining the church and force them to pray before meals and sing worship songs during family gatherings wtf.

(God forbids blasphemy) I couldn't care less if one goes to heaven! I know pastors, devoted Christians and probably even my mum would frown at this selfish thought but really, it's everyone's choice and I seriously don't care. Of course, some people may feel obliged (church pressure lol) to share the gospel at any opportunity they could get because they are constantly reminded to do so, and by doing so they believe that they will be rewarded by His grace and mercy. Can't say the same about me though. 

Okay before I divert too much into sensitive insights which will probably stir up discomfort, the question is should you marry someone of different religion? *deep thoughts emoji*

By now you should have realized there is no right or wrong answer, but merely a matter of perspectives. There is a correlation between the outcome and the level of respect from one another as well as the degree of compromise from each partner. Some may ask, why start something when you foresee problems ahead? Why not go for someone that requires lesser effort? Because sometimes we just can't imagine being with anybody else but him/her. After all, they say love is unconditional. 

So, what should you do when you are being discriminated by your potential in-laws?

1. Break up with your partner
Only if you aren't sure that he is the one and if you can't tell whether he is worth the effort.  Better now or never.

2. Get married after your potential in-laws enter the grave wtf
But unless they are already sick and old and lying on their deathbed, this option may not be applicable to all.

3. Sever ties with your potential in-laws
Who in the right mind would do that though? Remember filial piety! It runs in Asians' blood. Unless you marry an ang moh :/

4. Give up on your religion
Sorry but can you say the same about giving up sex or rice? No means no lah. Even philosophies don't anyhow change overnight. 

5. Respect each other and live in harmony
Of course, this option may be easier said than done. It certainly takes a significant amount of effort from both parties. If you believe that it would work, then by all means make it happen. But if you believe that it would fail, then your relationship will no doubt crumble. 

What would you do? 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hong Kong Hot Pot 香港热锅 @ Telawi Square, Bangsar

Introducing Hong Kong Hot Pot 香港热锅, a new hot pot place located at Telawi Square, Bangsar that serves premium hot pot ingredients. Being only a month old, this hot pot restaurant located above Tous Les Jours bakery was already fully occupied on the day of our visit.  I suppose the good quality imported ingredients have got the attention of patrons who spread the news by word of mouth.

I was amazed to have found this hidden gem on top of the rows of shops along the famous Telawi street. Being a Hong Kong themed restaurant, the interior is nicely designed in oriental style with a few private rooms named after the major cities in Hong Kong.

Upon arrival, we placed our order and checked out the choices of condiments while waiting. Being someone who can barely consume her food without any chili/sauce/spices, I was overjoyed to see so many types of condiments available! There were freshly cut cili padi, soy sauce, coriander, garlic, spring onion, sha cha sauce and homemade chili sauce. My favourite that night was none other than the homemade chili sauce as it blended well with most of our dishes.

For starter, we were served Century Egg.

Soup base, we tried out 4 different types – Signature Pork Bone Soup, Szechuan Spicy Soup, Century Egg and Coriander Soup and Pumpkin Soup.

The Signature Pork Bone Soup (RM23) tasted much better than expected, and I was surprised to have rated it top although I would usually prefer something spicy. We could taste the natural sweetness of the pork bone broth which was extremely delicious even on its own!

The Century Egg and Coriander Soup (RM25) was alright but not exactly my favourite.

I found the Szechuan Spicy Soup (RM25) difficult to drink due to the overwhelming amount of spices beneath. It was great to dip your ingredients into it and have a change of taste in between this and the signature broth though.

As for Pumpkin Soup (RM25), it was sweet and thick, but it could be quite filling.

Hong Kong Hot Pot serves by ala carte menu, but you may request for their Mixed Platter (off the menu) priced at RM68 per person.  I would strongly recommend the platter as it is sort of their tasting menu for you to try out a little bit of everything.

The premium items served in the platter: Japanese Half Shell Scallop, Korean Oyster, Fresh Tiger Prawns, Local Bean Curd Skin (Foo Chook), Bean Curd Roll (imported from Hong Kong), Crispy Fish Skin (imported from Hong Kong), Homemade meatballs (prawn balls, squid balls, fish balls), Imported meatballs (mushroom pork balls, crab roe balls), Homemade Chive Dumplings, Homemade Prawn Dumplings, Enoki Mushroom, King Oyster Mushroom, Udon, Yee Mee, Premium Pork Slices, Premium Marbled Beef Slices, Pork Liver Slices, Pork Kidney Slices.

Portion is for 3 as shown in the picture.

The beef and pork slices tasted equally great! As for the seafood, they were indeed as fresh as indicated on the menu.

Some of the more memorable items were the Imported Bean Curd Roll which we were told to dip for only 4 seconds and the Imported Fish Skin which were only allowed 1 second.

It was an extremely satisfying hot pot meal that night, and definitely my first hot pot experience with so much premium items served. We stuffed ourselves mad with whatever the restaurant had to offer, and promised to come back for more very soon.

Hong Kong Hot Pot 香港热锅
Address: Lot 9 & 10, Level 2,
Telawi Square, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 – 2280 0242
Opening Hours: 4pm – 12am daily

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Devon Café @ Surry Hills, Sydney

During our stay in Sydney, we paid quite a few visits to brunch cafes and one of the most memorable one was Devon Café at Surry Hills.

It was a small café with hipster looking baristas.

Coincidently matching colour =D

Plenty of sunlight from where we were seated as the ceiling was transparent.

As usual, we ordered 3 meals to be shared among 4 as the portion in Australia is huge.

Breakfast with the Sakuma’s – AUD25
Miso grilled king salmon, smoked eel croquette, 63 ‘ egg, radish petit salad & kewpi mayonnaise

Eggs Blini – AUD20
Buckwheat blini, cured king salmon, salmon caviar, brocollini, sauce Mikado and poached eggs

Da’ Royale – AUD23
Truffle sausage, pomme puree, Lamb’s fry, fried egg, onion jus

I remember feeling impressed with all 3 dishes. Everything tasted great! Proper ingredients served generously (of course if you convert to Ringgit each dish costs triple of what we pay here FML so had to avoid conversion else really cannot eat lol). Way too much wayo on Breakfast with Sakuma’s though. Teehee.

After brunch, we went to Bondi Beach.  Stopped by a tiny patisserie on the way to get some pastries to go.

Gloomy afternoon at Bondi. The sky decided to drizzle as we arrived.

Winter was definitely not the season for beach but we had to anyhow get Bondi off our checklist!

Surprisingly there were a few surfers chasing the waves. Wouldn’t it be freezing?!

Should visit Bondi Beach during summer, next time!

Devon Café
Address: 76 Devonshire St,
Surry Hills NSW 2010,
Tel: +61 2 9211 8777

Monday, March 28, 2016

Sydney Guide - 16 To-Do-List in the City

1. Photoshoot with Sydney Opera House

This is the mandatory touristy spot that needs no introduction. The iconic building proves that you have visited Sydney! Oh and don't forget the Harbour Bridge too!

2. Picnic at Hyde Park

The park is located in the middle of the city. Although it might not be as famous as Hyde Park in London which is one of the largest park in the world, it surely is a good spot for picnic. I always envy how people could sit on the grass in other countries! As the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side. And apparently they are cleaner too.

3. Say your prayers at St. Mary Cathedral (opposite Hyde Park)

It was a rather surreal moment of spiritual enlightenment. For non-believers, do check out the architecture and interior which were as magnificent as those you see in movies.

4. Seafood feast at Sydney Fish Market

Treat yourself to the freshest sashimi and other fisherman's catch. I absolutely love the oysters there which were the best I ever had so far! Be aware of the annoying seagulls thieves - read more here

5. Take a day tour to Hunter Valley

There are many tour deals available online. We bought ours at AUD49 per person for 5 wineries from Scoopon. Our deal was inclusive of transport and wine tasting (some deals were inclusive of lunch but ours weren't). Take your mind off the hustle bustle of the city as you enjoy the amazing views and fresh mountain air.

6. Place a bet at The Star Casino

And dine at Sokyo, a premium Japanese fine dining restaurant while you are there. Prices are slightly on the up side, but the quality and taste are definitely worth every dollar spent. I have never had tempura that could impress me until I tried the one at Sokyo!

7. Take a stroll at Bondi Beach

It wasn't the best season for the beach when we were there, but still, we had to check it off our list. Spotted some surfers despite the temperature. There were also some pretty cool graffiti along the beach.

8. Shop at The Rocks Market

This weekend market offers a variety of cultural souvenirs (like Kangaroo scrotum *shrieked in horror*) as well as daily items for your shopping list. We spotted kangaroo burgers on the menu too. As you are there, do drop by The Tea Cosy for some delicious scones.

9. Pack some Cronuts and Strawberry Watermelon Cake at Newtown

An interesting town with wall graffiti, hipsters cafes and locals dressed in bizarre fashion. They say you need to try that cake at Black Star Pastry when you are at Newtown, but personally I find it rather overrated. I prefer the cronuts from Brewtown Cafe.

10. Take an educational visit to Taronga Zoo

I never thought I would enjoy zoo that much. We managed to see about 90% of the animals by following the guide on the map. The zoo is located at an island, about 20 minutes away by ferry ride from the Circular Quay.

11. Have a date with Raphael at Art gallery of NSW

Entrance is FOC! Appreciate their great contemporary artworks and Renaissance masterpieces.

12. Taste a cuppa great coffee at The Grounds of Alexandria

Although I would say almost every cafe in Sydney serves good coffee. Be patient and wait for your turn especially during peak brunch hour. Don't forget to take a selfie with their celebrity swine, Kevin Bacons (what a name!).

13. Sip a cup of hot chocolate at Lindt Café or Max Brenner

The perfect chill out place on a cold weather. The waffle balls have been an all-time favorite!

14. Treat yourself to a good Italian meal at Jamie's Italian

Be sure to make a booking. We had to wait for our turn even with reservation. And no, Jamie won't be there to cook for you personally. LOL

15. Have a gelato at Anita or Messina

They say Messina serves the world's best gelato but we think that Anita is equally good.

16. Watch the weekly fireworks at Darling Harbour

Every Saturday at 9pm, all paid for by the restaurants at Darling Harbour. We were there on time to catch the beautiful fireworks on our final night. What a way to wrap up our awesome vacation.

Of course, this isn't a comprehensive list as it merely covers the city. If you are up for longer drives, you should take a road trip to the popular places like the Blue Mountains, Wollongong and Watson's Bay. Plan your trip wisely and enjoy the best attractions of the urbane city.