Monday, November 2, 2015

10 Tips to Avoid Being a Crazy Bitch in a Relationship

There is no denying that most of us have been that crazy bitch in a relationship during our ugly past. Maybe we still are, except we are now sensible crazy bitches who possess an impeccable degree of self-control. For the love of womanhood, I have laid down 10 remarkable tips to prevent you from falling into that diabolical state of obsession, and of course to serve as an important self-reminder!

1. Focus on your career
Remember your priority in life? It was never about getting the right man. Focus on your job, your goals, your life, yourself as an individual. Because if you fail, there is no guarantee that this man you are dating now will be there to support you in any aspect.

2. Engage your own social circle
Your life does not revolve around him. There is no obligation to spend all your free days with your man. Hang out with your friends and have your own activities. After all, a man wouldn’t want a clingy girl who seeks his attention 24/7.

3. Less expectations
If there is anything I learnt from the past, it is that with expectations come disappointment. If you have less expectation, chances are you are more likely to be blessed with surprises and happiness.

4. Be kind to his family and friends
Sometimes we wish our man would place us at the very top of his list. But one thing for sure, his family always comes first, and his friends are here to stay. To him, there is no certainty that your relationship would survive, but on the other hand his friendships are very likely to last a lifetime. Hence, never badmouth or get on the bad side with any of his dearest ones.

5. Don’t nitpick
It is extremely detrimental to pick fight on small little stuff. Just because he doesn’t send you a good night kiss emoji does not mean he likes you lesser now. Never waste your time making assumptions based on trivial matters.

6. Don’t seek for assurance
There is no need to seek assurance that he likes you if you already know that he does. Pushing him further would not make him like you more, but instead causes annoyance.

7. Never take his words to heart
No, by not taking his words to heart, I don’t mean to be a rebellious girl going against his words or anything. Sometimes your man may utter something upsetting, but it is entirely up to you on how you interpret the meaning behind those words. Keeping a moderate degree of nonchalance might help level up your relationship.

8. Don’t hold grudges
If you happened to have an unpleasant argument, resolve it immediately and don’t accumulate any bitter feelings. Holding grudges is hazardous to both your mental health and relationship.

9. Be independent
Some men happened to be the sole breadwinner in a relationship, but more often than not they are not (especially when you are not already married). Remember, your man is not your ATM machine or your driver. Just because you are in a relationship now does not mean that you should rely on him to do everything. In order to gain his mutual respect, be independent financially and physically.

10. Trust
The magical word in every relationship. If you choose to be with him, trust him. Do not doubt his love for you. Do not question his every movement and make things up in your head. Because you believe that at the end of the day, that sacred place in his heart is solely reserved for you.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

[Sponsored] ZOOM Timepieces Bloggers Preview

Several weeks ago, I attended the exclusive preview of ZOOM watches with fellow MHB girls. Taking inspiration from Stockhlm design concept, ZOOM combines minimalism with great design.

The ZOOM design team adds different elements in design into their products, aimed at giving consumers a warm and passionate feeling when wearing the product.

The concise structure based on vivid and abundant colours shows the ZOOM concept, which is a new urban style and living attitude: a succinct style, an aesthetic of living, a “less is more” design concept.

The latest collection of ZOOM timepieces.

This is the MUSE 7100 which won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2015. The case is stainless steel (black IP), with mineral crystal, while the bracelet is genuine leather. It comes with a Japanese quartz movement and has 3 hands in the dial which is 44.0 mm in diameter.

Zoom timepieces are distributed in Malaysia by Time Galerie and are available for purchase at selected Time Galerie and 60 Minutes outlets including:

  • Time Galerie Aeon Big Kepong 
  • Time Galerie Tesco Shah Alam 
  • 60 Minutes Selayang Mall 
  • Edessa counter @ AEON Maluri, Kuala Lumpur 

More info at

Facebook page:

Time Galerie’s website:

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

[ADV] Mary Kay 2015 Dream Beautiful Contest

Mary Kay, the cosmetics brand, recently announced that it is now accepting entries to the Mary Kay Asia Pacific 2015 Dream Beautiful Contest. The contest is in its third year, and the glamorous beauty contest is a regional makeover competition celebrating the making of Asia’s next modeling star and makeup artist talent.

Mary Kay believes in the numerous possibilities of a woman and her dreams. The Dream Beautiful Contest encourages women to discover their beauty by teaming up with Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants - and to achieve their dreams with Mary Kay!

Looking forward to the 2015 competition, Mary Kay Asia Pacific President, K.K. Chua comments: “At Mary Kay, our vision is to enrich women’s lives, helping them to discover their beauty inside and out! Unlike any model or makeup contest in the world, this contest focuses on partnership and is a way to transform the lives of thousands of women across Asia and make their dreams a reality. We encourage all women to bring their confidence, step onto the catwalk, and makeover their world!” 

The competition is open to nine countries across Asia Pacific, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan. Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants enter the contest with her customer as a pair, initially competing with others in the local market contest, before winners from each country converge in Hong Kong for a glamorous weeklong regional Grand Finale in February 2016.

During the Grand Finale in Hong Kong, the local market winners will take part in a week of training workshops, and individual and team challenges before winners will be chosen at a professionally produced, live catwalk show in front of a 500-strong audience, including local and international media.

Throughout the Grand Finale in Hong Kong, contestants will be mentored, trained and ultimately judged by an all-star panel of judges, who will inspire contestants to discover their inner and outer beauty.

Three (3) exceptional contestants will be crowned as the new faces of Mary Kay in the Asia Pacific Region while each of their Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant will be titled Winning Independent Beauty Consultant in the Mary Kay Asia Pacific Region. One outstanding Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant will be individually chosen as the Beauty Artist in the Mary Kay Asia Pacific Region.

Model Shu Yu Wei and Mary Kay Independent National Sales Director Jin Liu from China were last year’s winners.

In 2014, Shu Yu was a student in Nanning, China before she met Mary Kay Independent National Sales Director Jin Liu, who has been selling Mary Kay® products for 17 years. In October 2014, Shu Yu was selected as one of the winners of both the Mary Kay Greater China Grand Finale and the Mary Kay Asia Pacific Dream Beautiful Contest Regional Grand Finale. Shu Yu represented the Mary Kay Asia Pacific Region in an international photo shoot in New York, with Jin accompanying her on the shoot.


Top 3 winners will have the opportunity to participate in the Asia Pacific Grand Finale in Hong Kong from February 19-24, 2016 with 8 other countries, where winners will participate in model and makeup workshops led by industry experts and a photoshoot with one of Asia’s top photographers. 

The Top 3 winners of the Asia Pacific Grand Finale will win the opportunity to participate in a Global photo shoot and appear in a Mary Kay campaign.

How to Enter 

Step 1 - Find your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant and get a makeover.

Make sure you take a photo of yourself before and after the makeover for your contest entry. If you do not know an Independent Beauty Consultant, contact 03-7711 7500 to find an independent beauty consultant nearest to you at or log on to to locate one

Step 2 - Authorize your Independent Beauty Consultant to upload your photos and personal information.

Your Independent Beauty Consultant will upload your before & after makeover photos and personal information by filling out the entry form online. Please make sure you sign and return the Participant Consent Form and share all the required personal information with her so that your entry can be successfully submitted. See the Official Rules for more details.

Step 3 - Your entry is now live!

Visit the Gallery to view your entry and check the Winner Announcement to see if you have advanced to the next round of the contest. If you do not see your entry, please contact Mary Kay at or 03-7711 7500

Mary Kay features some of the must-haves in a woman’s beauty pouch. As the saying goes, ‘Makeup is art, beauty is spirit’. Mary Kay wants to inspire women out there to dream big and express your beauty through the artistry of colours.

Mary Kay® Liquid Eyeliner Pen - RM65.00 

With its smooth flow of colour from the no-drip precision tip, Mary Kay® Liquid Eyeliner Pen is easy to hold and easy to line, as it glides on without skipping, pulling or tugging to create fuller-looking lashes. The Mary Kay® Liquid Eyeliner Pen is fragrance-free and clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy, proven to be suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Quad - RM49.00 

Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Quad features four (4) rich, blendable and buildable shades, ranging from matte to high shimmer, to give you versatility in eye colour and looks. From a smoky eye at night to a more neutral eye for day, with four palettes to choose from, you’ll be able to enjoy creating a variety of new looks to fit any occasion. Use one or all four together.

This crease-resistant formula delivers lightweight, high-impact and long-lasting colour that glides on evenly for a smooth finish. Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Quad is ophthalmologist-tested, and is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Mary Kay® True Dimensions Lipstick - RM64.00 

The Mary Kay® True DimensionsTM Lipstick is infused with advanced skin care ingredients, with a formula that contains Age-Defying Complex which targets the key qualities that give lips their contour and dimension – fullness, plumpness and firmness:
  • Smoothening of fine lines and fuller-looking lips as a result of the boost in collagen, which promotes firmness, volume and plumping effect of skin 
  • Instant moisture lock-in for the lips for endless comfort and softness with hyaluronic acid and aquaporin 3 (AQP3) – both of which contain moisture retention properties, as well as sunflower seed oil, jojoba and mango butter – a nourishing blend of natural ingredients for maximum moisturising benefits 
  • Supple, young and conditioned lips that look their healthy best with vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant to help protect lips from free radicals and environmental damage 

Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Colour Duo - RM60.00 

Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Colour Duo gives the perfect matte-to-shimmery finish for a radiant, healthy glow. This palette is versatile enough to create of several looks, from Barely There Beauty, Boldly Accented or Vibrant Luminosity.

Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Colour Duo palette contains a matte blush plus a pearlized highlighting shade, and is available in two colours - Juicy Guava and Ripe Watermelon

For information about Mary Kay 2015 Dream Beautiful Contest, head over to or the Mary Kay Malaysia Facebook Page -

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

[ADV] TGV Indulge @ One Utama

There is no place better than TGV Indulge @ One Utama for an unforgettable movie experience. As the name suggests, TGV Indulge is unlike the usual cinema hall you visit. For the price of only RM45, you get to be pampered with luxurious and comfort without burning a hole in the wallet.

We already felt like VIPs the moment we were greeted at the entrance. There is a private ticket counter specially designated for Indulge moviegoers. No queue, no hassles.

It would be advisable to arrive an hour or two earlier prior to your movie to indulge yourselves at the lounge/restaurant. Great spot for a date with your significant half as well as an outing with your group of friends. The dining area is designed in such a way to emphasize the atas concept of Indulge. Dim lighting and an overall soothing ambience which takes all your worries off the weekend.

Indulge offers quite a selection of items on its menu. We managed to try out a few dishes which surprisingly were above par. The price was quite reasonable as well.

Oven Roasted Tomato Soup – RM14

Not a fan of tomato but I enjoyed this soup as it was sweet (not sour as I thought). The taste was further enhanced by bits of crabs inside.

Smoked Meatballs – RM16

Butter Mushroom Tempura – RM14

Crunchy deep fried on the outside and juicy on the inside. We definitely enjoyed the mushrooms for appetizer.

Rocket & fruits – RM18

Pan Baked Mango Chicken – RM26

Broiled Salmon Kabayaki – RM32

One of my favourite dish that night. The taste was as good as the presentation itself. I like it as the salmon wasn’t overcooked and it did not lose its tenderness. Even the sides - sauteed mushroom, asparagus and mashed potatoes were great! Finished every bit of it :P

Grilled Lamb Rack – RM48

Enjoyed the medium rare serving which was really juicy and yummy. Slightly charred at the side which blends well with the sweet chili mint sauce.

Slow-Cooked Seafood Rice – RM38

Was quite stuffed by the time we reached this final dish. We were served our bottled beer of choice before adjourning into the cinema. It’s okay to bring in your beer into the cinema too. How cool is that, having beer while watching a movie!

Be prepared to be amazed by Indulge’s cinema hall. Unlike your ordinary cinema, this one is huge and spacious with reclining sofas and personalized call-waiter service. Don’t worry if you forget to bring your jacket as blankets are already provided on every seat the moment you walk in. Not just any cheap blanket but thick and cosy comforter that could keep you warm! ^^

We were really thrilled to be able to be able to adjust the sofa to properly place our legs. No more sitting upright for 2 long hours!

Besides the sumptuous food we had, hot tea and chocolate brownies were served in the hall that night (courtesy of TGV Indulge and MHB). If you ever feel like getting some bites anytime throughout the movie, just press the button on the little table next to you and the waiter will be at your service. Really thoughtful and convenient, isn’t it??

Overall it was a wonderful experience, although ironically the movie we had that night, Fantastic 4 wasn’t so fantastic after all. I would recommend a blockbuster or a high-rated movie if you were to visit Indulge.

Since it was first opened last year, TGV Indulge has also hosted several private and corporate functions. Feel free to check out more from their website:

You know where to get pampered this weekend! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

10 Perks of Being Single

1. Weekends are well spent sleeping in and reflecting on your own life.

2. Money saved on birthday, anniversary, valentine gifts.

3. No matching bra and underwear? Who cares? The only person who ever wants to see it is the girl in the mirror after all.

4. One less worry off the chart - no need to get yourself concerned on where he’s going, who he hangs out with and why he isn’t home when the clock strikes 12.

5. No more obligations to reply one specific person’s texts at all times.

6. Gone are the days when someone wakes up complaining about not having even a quarter of the blanket.

7. No more feeling guilty for having one-on-one dinner with your guy friends anymore.

8. Don’t have to shave your legs anymore since no one is gonna brush against them anyway.

9. No one will nag you for eating too much. Or too little. In fact no one cares if you eat at all! Yay :(

10. Finally, some time to hang out with friends whom you don’t usually bother seeing when you are attached.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

[ADV] The FACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion

This summer, The FACESHOP introduced Oil Control Water Cushion - a total solution cushion foundation for humid summer weather that delivers all-day perfect make up look.

The Oil Control Water Cushion contains whole liquid foundation in a hard foundation case by using LG Patent Micro Foam - 4 times denser than the usual polyurethane sponge which keeps its moist-full contents and enables even application for non-clumping effect.

To apply Oil Control Water Cushion:
Use at a step of foundation. Put suitable amount to puff and apply onto the skin. Tap all over the face.

No filter so you could see the effect more clearly. Noticed how the water cushion has reduced my blemishes and uneven skin tone!

To place refill:
Push the middle part of the case with two fingers. Take apart that comes up from the case and replace the refill.

Reasons for choosing The FACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion:

1. Pat pat one step. Easy one step application. The cushion creates a matte effect on the outside yet hydrated inside the skin.

2. Light and fresh application provided by the synergy of the selected ingredients: Water from Tasmanian (Australia), Italian Oxygen Water, Citrus Unshiu peel extract, blooming rose powder and skin fit cover powder.

3. Sweat-proof. The new innovative product is clinically tested to be strong against water, sebum and sweat. Even after sweating, it maintains the coverage and UV protection effects.

4. Improvement of stickiness. No more sand or hair sticking to the face!

5. SPF50+, PA+++. Ministry of Food and Drug Safety certified powerfull protection of harmful UV rays.

6. Micro foam for even and meticulous cover without caking.

Personally, I like the Water Cushion product for its natural make up look. The effect is matte without eliminating the healthy glowing radiance of the skin. Besides, by using Water Cushion I can now eliminate the loose powder step. More convenient and less time consuming.

If you have tried to reapply sunscreen product or foundation in the middle of the day, you would have realized that those products usually cake up due to the multiple layers application (I was told it is caused by the zinc content in the products). However, you can easily reapply Cushion Foundation without caking!

The moist contents from the sponge has cooling effect for your heated skin which I thought was rather impressive as it is something that most products are unable to deliver.

And I couldn’t be happier that the product allows me to apply the water cushion foundation using the Micro foam without having to dirty my hands! ^^

From 1st September until 31st September, The FACESHOP is having a promotion for Oil Control Water Cushion. Visit to get 10% off Oil Control Water Cushion (retail price: RM88.93) and a free pack of refill! A really good deal indeed!

The FACESHOP currently operates at 49 outlets in Malaysia. More info: