Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Men's Shitty Excuses in Avoiding a Committted Relationship

When you know that a man really likes you, but does not like you enough to be in a committed relationship with you, there could be only 2 explanations:

a. He has not played around enough.

b. You really aren’t the one.

The silliest mistake that we girls often make is thinking that the problem lies with us.

Maybe he feels that I am not pretty?

Maybe I should lose some weight?

Maybe I should be more attentive to his needs?

Maybe he will like me if I allow him more space?

Maybe I am not good enough for him?

Trust me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you! A man who does not like you for who you are now will never learn to like you no matter what changes you are willing to sacrifice for his sake.

There is really no need to change anything just to make him fall for you because that will never ever happen.

Wake up girl, he does not want to be with you. Maybe he seems interested at times. You can’t tell. That’s because he doesn’t mind keeping you around while waiting for that dream girl to appear in his life.

Some shitty excuses a man could give for not wanting to be involved in a committed relationship:

1. I don't think I am ready to be in a committed relationship (and he didn’t even bother with the explanation)

2. I need to focus on building my career (most commonly used excuse! the next thing you realize he is holding another girl’s hand)

3. I have been in a bad relationship. I am afraid of getting hurt again (c’mon, we all have had our shares of heartbreaking past! Don’t play the sympathetic game :/)

4. I think you deserve someone better than me (aww, don’t be fooled sweetie, that’s just his polite way of indirect rejection. He does not want to be with you, and he means it!)

5. Sorry I will be too busy at work to reply your text (A man who cares would have keep you updated while he is at the loo)

6. I don’t wanna get married until I am 35 (you are simply not part of his future)

7. I am the type who will never get married (he's a fcking liar)

8. Maybe one day, but not now (maybe one day, one day when he gives up his hopes of meeting someone better)

Forget about how much he says he misses you and how he utters those sweet words that linger on your mind.  Don’t even begin your wistful thoughts of him being the father of your child. Think about the ugly truth, the truth that he really isn’t that into you.

You deserve someone better.

One last cheongsam photo of the year just so I could complete this post.

p/s: I am not bitter :P

Friday, March 6, 2015

Sipping Champagne at Prada

Prada launch at The Gardens Mall.

Sisterly love. One of the rare days when the 3 of us gather.

Matching brogues. Well, almost. I never like patent leather anyway. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015 OOTD

Purchased only 5 new clothes for CNY this year. Even donated one of them for my sis because she didn't have any CNY outfit -.- 经济不景气,didn't even buy any new shoes *sad* All my CNY outfits this year are from Zalora. Quite cheap if you purchase with discount code. Thank god for size XS! Fit me perfectly ^^

初一 红彤彤

初二 玫瑰花裙

Mum wanted to join my OOTD too (purposely stood behind and made me look like a giant wtf)

Dad and mum.


Family portrait at granny's.

Selfie with aunt's 10-year-old (70-year-old for dog :O) Chi Hua Hua. I don't think he's keen to be in my arms :/

初三 又是花裙

Lou sang lunch with the bunch.

13 years of friendship and counting (in fact I've known some of them since Primary 5)

Met up with a few of the girls from my high school too, some of whom I have not met since we graduated.

That's all for now. Will be wearing my cheongsam to work next week. More photos later on! :)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wagyu @ Prime, Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

Prime Steakhouse – one of the top fine dining choices in Klang Valley. Also known one of the best, if not the best steakhouse in town.

No, I'm not pregnant. FML.

I have always wanted to visit Prime ever since I first heard about it. Finally had the chance to try it out recently!

Complementary bread with assorted butter.

We weren’t in the mood for alcoholic drinks (due to excessive drinking the previous night *barf*) so we picked some mocktails from the menu.

Suzie Wright and Harmony – RM26 each.

For starter, I picked the Seared Sea Scallop – RM55

The 5 scallops were perfectly cooked and served with poached egg. Extra points for the runny yolk which blends well with the dish. This has gotta be my favourite dish of the night.

Clam Chowder – RM40

Lobster Bisque – RM50

Don’t underestimate this little bun. What lies inside is a deliciously rich creamy serving of lobster essence! The thin pastry skin was quite yummy too but I didn’t have too much of it because by the time my stomach was already half occupied.

Cod fish – RM90

You don’t come to a steakhouse to order a seafood dish! Too bad for the poor fella because I dragged him there despite knowing that he doesn’t eat beef. LOLLLL.

The cod tasted too fishy for my liking. I would say it’s rather dry and mediocre. I’ve tasted better cod.

I had quite a hard time picking my main course. Spoilt for choices! So many selection of steak in the menu. Picked the most expensive wagyu in the end because I was convinced that it must be the best.

Blackmore Wagyu Cube Roll 12oz – RM598

I know. It’s crazy. 600 bucks for one serving of steak T______T

Okay lah Looks quite decent (although it still can’t justify for the price wtf). Too huge for my little tummy though.

To be frank I was quite disappointed with my Blackmore Wagyu. It didn’t taste as wagyu-ish as I expected. You know that melt-in-your-mouth kinda feeling? I didn’t feel it! In fact it tasted very much like a normal piece of steak :( No juices oozing out either despite it being medium rare.

All prices of the steak are for the steak itself without side dish. You may order some sides, but I wouldn’t recommend because:

1. The side dishes are pricey.
2. The steak itself is more than enough.

Portobello – RM30 and Sauteed Spinach – RM20

I barely finished half of them. What a waste. The Portobello was quite good.

By the time we were done, we were too full for dessert. Simply ordered a Vanilla Ice-cream just for the sake of ordering.

Vanilla Ice-cream – RM8

Note: they charge RM26 for the distilled water.

Total bill of the night was RM800+ after 30% discount (UOB credit card discount, valid until end of February this year if I’m not mistaken).

Despite the mediocre steak for its skyrocket price, it was overall a satisfying dining experience. The rest of the dishes definitely made up for it. Totally recommended for birthday, anniversaries or any occasions/celebrations. Just make sure you don’t act smart and order the most expensive steak.

Address: Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Stesen Sentral,
Kuala Lumpur Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03 – 2263 7888

Monday, February 23, 2015

10 Annoying Replies

How often do you receive a text reply that makes you frown, roll your eyes or worse still, throw your phone onto the wall? Here are some of them that I have from the back of my head. However, I must confess that I am completely guilty of having used those phrases every now and then to annoy someone :/

1. Okay then.
It is obviously not okay! What are you being unhappy about? Just say lah.

2. K.
K is a letter, an initial of my name. Strictly not for inappropriate usage of being the short form of okay to express your dissatisfaction.

3. It’s not you. It’s just me.
You mean it is completely my fault but you would try to be the bigger person by taking all the blames.

4. No offence but. . .
The fact that you even started the sentence with “no offence” condemns what comes next is surely offensive.

5. Lol…
No caps. With 3 dots that follow. The gentleman’s polite way of telling you that he is speechless.

6. Haiz nevermind.
What?! How can??? Settle the misunderstanding once and for all!

7. Only a while.
A while means at least till half past three, because there would always be something that “forced” him to stay against his wish.

8. Nothing.
Implied meaning: You are a fcking bitch but I will try to let it go in order to prevent an argument.

9. Luf u.
No you don’t. Unless you spell it correctly.

10. I am sorry for (insert faults) but you should (insert my wrongdoing)
BUT? What but? Tell me why is it necessary to add a BUT to an apology? Sorry then sorry. Don’t need BUT. End of story!

A selfie to neutralize the negative impact of this blog post ^^

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Relatives' FAQs and Comments During CNY

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Are you all dolled up and ready to 拜年?

Here is a short compilation of relatives’ FAQs and comments during CNY.

1. Are you single or do you have a boyfriend now?
This is no doubt the first question they would surely ask me. Regardless of my answer, there will always be another question that follows.   

2. What does your boyfriend do? How old is he? What does his dad do? What is his surname? Where does he stay? How many siblings does he have? etc etc.

3. When are you getting married?
Not until we both accumulate a little wealth (I would say financially stable, but being stable is never sufficient wtf) which will probably take another 3 -5 years. I still want to receive ang pow when I am 30 years old! XD

4. When you get married at Maldives one day you must fly us over in a private jet and sponsor our stay in a 5-star resort.
Feel proud at the fact that my relatives think so highly of me. But here’s how my wedding is gonna be: 2 participants, 1 beach wedding, 0 invitee! LOL. No wait, don’t feel offended. It just happened that I am the type who really dread having a traditional wedding dinner during which I would be obligated to invite thousands of unfamiliar faces whom I have never met before, at my OWN WEDDING! :(

5. Where are you working now?
I thought I mentioned this during the last Chinese New Year :/

6. How much is your salary?
I think I should lie about this just so they will take pity on me and give me a bigger ang pow.

7. Got increment/bonus?
How to answer this lah. .  I don’t want my family to think that I am living a easy life out there, but at the same time I don’t want them to think lowly of me. Thank goodness my increment and bonus won’t be due until next month. You can’t lie about what you don’t know right? Teehee.

8. Wahhh you are so tall already.
They’ve stopped saying that to me years ago and shifted their target to my sister instead. Because my sister has outgrown me and every year I appeared to have shrunk when standing next to her! :( No likey!!! I actually enjoyed being the tallest girl in the family! Pfft.

9. Why are you so skinny?
Because I am blessed with good genes.

10. You look like a Korean actress.
Kamsahamida! One of the flattering comments that doesn’t annoy me ^^

No matter what, don’t be irritated by your relatives never-ending questions and comments. Always uphold patience and politeness. When you are unable to answer their awkward question, just stuff your mouth with a sweet pineapple tart ^^