Saturday, September 27, 2014

Best Iced Mocha @ Rekindle - SS2

Rekindle – one of the popular coffee places in town worth mentioning.

Nah I didn’t say so just because they provide me tools for insta-worthy photos. You’ve probably come across friends posting this similar shot on Social Media. It’s a freaking antique sewing machine! Brings back childhood memories when I used to stay with grandma. 20 years later I still find this machine fascinating :)

If you come here during weekends, it’s more likely than not that you would end up having to wait. Full house peeps. Idk since when we urban monsters have adopted the culture of drinking coffee at night.

Selection of cakes and pastries.

Tried the cheesecake which was pretty good.

Ask any regular patrons of Rekindle, they would tell you one thing for sure – one of the staff there bears an uncanny resemblance with Jeremy Lin! But but, he is better looking than Jeremy ^^

That’s him right there, swear I did not do it on purpose. In fact he is always at the café every time we visit. Not sure whether he’s the boss or the manager. I shall ask him next time :)

Bricks, bulbs and beanbags. How cosy.

I love how the café is decorated with raw recycled sacks to further enhanced the olden days concept.

Mocha was pretty good.

But even better was their iced mocha! I try to avoid caffeine at night but this is simply irresistible. Slightly bitter with thick layers of chocolate powder lingering in your mouth following every sip. . . the feeling was just heavenly!

Forget about any other beverage. If it’s your first time visiting Rekindle, you know what you ought to order. Trust me, you will never regret it!

Rekindle - SS2
Address: 25, Jalan SS2/64,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03 – 7496 6309
Operating hour: 12pm-1am

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Muugu Garden Bistro @ Off Jalan Bukit Bintang

Muugu Garden Bistro started operating some time this year in a hidden bungalow at Off Bukit Bintang near Levain Patisserie.

Despite its prime location and grand bungalow structure, the concept and prices are of casual dining standard. Over here, pasta dishes could go as low as less than RM20 whereas the steak are priced at RM40+ on average. Happy hour is available daily from 6pm-8pm during which you could get a glass of draught beer for only RM9! 

I like the fact that they cater free parking spaces for patrons, unlike places like Changkat where we have to folk up 15 bucks for the valet.

As the name suggests, there is a garden space in front of the restaurant albeit a big part of it is made up of empty field which in my opinion is kind of wasted. Could have added some beautiful floral or perhaps set up some tables for outdoor dining? Never mind about the mosquitoes. LOL

Mediocre interior setting. The lights and paintings kinda helped but we thought it could have been more refined.

Mini bar area.

Supeheroes posters.

Oh hello Caesar.

I must say that I don’t quite like the extensions and wires visibly laying everywhere which were quite an eyesore.

Rib eye steak cooked to medium rare with your choice of sides and sauce. I would highly recommend the steak here.

Chicken thigh which I did not try. I’m not so much of a chicken person.

Aglio olio with a generous amount of garlic.

Catch of the day was Dory. It was alright I thought. I personally don’t quite like Dory being grilled. It tastes better when fried.

Truffle fries was great. Contrary to others’ reviews, I thought the truffle taste was quite prominent.

Oh, we were there for Jol Wee’s birthday dinner :)

It’s been a while since we last gathered for a proper meal.

OOTN: 女孩

Overall it was a pleasant dining experience. The food was definitely worth the price and the place, a sanctuary of serenity in the middle of the city.

Muugu Garden Bistro
Address: 32, Jalan jati (Off Jalan Bukit Bintang),
Kuala Lumpur 55100.
Tel: 03- 2110 3603

Sunday, September 7, 2014

TWG Tea @ Sunway Pyramid

There has been so many new shops opening in Sunway Pyramid ever since I moved out of Sunway. TWG, H&M, Sephora etc. More atas now apparently.

Located at the LG Level Centre Court of Old Wing, TWG offers shoppers a sophisticated ambience of luxury tea salon to savour their fine harvested teas from all around the world.

The design of the TWG Tea salon at Sunway Pyramid very much resembles the one at Pavilion - enclosed in see-through glass panels and glamourously decorated with exquisite tea accessories.

Although we have moved out of Sunway after graduation, we did not miss the chance to visit the newly-opened TWG (not so new anymore since this is a outdated post lol) and of course, to catch up with each others' working life.

Angela, Rachel and I. I look like crap here but that's the only decent looking pic of 3 of us. FML :(

Always go for the 3-tier high tea set! *yums*

Macarons. Sweet and irresistible.

I miss the girls already! Let's plan another outing soon!

On a side note I 'accidentally' tried on this red blazer from Topshop and boy it fits me well!

Petite collection which explains. It's hard to find a blazer that fits. UK6 are always so big. How inconsiderate of them towards we Asians. Anyway it was on sale but I did not get it omgwhydidinotgetitsobsss cause I thought how many times can I wear it before someone starts calling me the girl in the red blazer. I have been trying hard not to repeat my clothes. Apart from that boring black coat which hangs on my office chair all the time lah.

Okay that sums up my outdated post on TWG Tea Sunway Pyramid.

See you soon Angela and Rachel!

TWG Tea 1837
Address: LG 1.33, Sunway Pyramid,
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway, 46150
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03- 5631 2899

Saturday, September 6, 2014

10 Things about Best Friends

1. You can tell each other your dirty secrets without fearing that they will turn around and use it against you one day.

2. You share your thoughts freely, including your crush on a younger boy because you know they don’t judge.

3. No matter what, you would always be supportive of each other’s decisions, including the decision to cry running back to their ex-boyfriend, although you would first give them a lecture.

4. You never really care about who pays the bill and who owes who by how much because somehow someday, both of you would be even.

5. You miss each other presence often, because people around simply don’t understand you.

6. Even though you don’t talk to each other for days, weeks or even months as you both are busy with lives, you would always find a way back to each other.

7. You are aware of each others’ flaws (just the very minor ones like their indecisiveness and their choice of men wtf is that considered a flaw) but who cares? We are still better than everyone else! LOL.

8. Even when there are cooler people around, you would stick to each other and never let them feel left out.

9. You can go for vacation together for weeks without the urge to strangle them to death (and when you are on vacation with others you are constantly be reminded of how best friends are still your best travel partners).

10. You are certain that some day in the future you will take turns to be each other's bridesmaids. 

I love you best friends! xoxo

Monday, September 1, 2014

TGV Indulge @ One Utama

Posh cinema experience at none other than TGV Indulge!

Queuing at the general box office is too mainstream. Now you can collect your ticket from the private counter *proud*

RM90 for a pair of movie tickets. Definitely worth it for the amazing VIP experience. Just make sure you choose a blockbuster movie.

Full access to the exclusive lounge and fine dining area. I have never been so pleased waiting for a movie. Man, I could sit there for an hour! LOL.

Felt silly for bringing along my blazer to the cinema. It wasn't until I entered the hall that I realized every seat comes with a thick cosy comforter! The price we pay is more than enough for laundry cost. Teehee.

Love the spacious reclining seats! My first time lying down and watching a movie in the cinema! (lying on someone else's shoulder doesn't count :x)

Meal service is available any time throughout the movie as there is a call button affixed on the side table. They even serve fine-dining cuisines like steak, lamb and pasta! *gasp*

I have not been to GSC Gold Class so I'm not in the position to compare. But anyhow I think everyone should visit TGV Indulge at least once and be amazed by the luxurious experience it has to offer!

Looking forward to the next blockbuster movie so I could visit there again XD

TGV Indulge
Address: TGV Cinemas 1 Utama (Old Wing),
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,

Saturday, August 16, 2014

[ADV] Kronenbourg 1664 Rooftop BBQ @ Stratosphere, The Roof

Thanks to Carlsberg Malaysia, we were often invited to myriad of events with tonnes of beer, food and entertainment. Last Friday, fellow MHB bloggers and I had the privilege to enjoy a classy rooftop BBQ party with a generous supply of ice-cold Kronenbourg 1664 beer and endless servings of barbecued meat! It was my first time to Stratosphere and I was amazed by how breezy and cooling it could get up there, not forgetting the stunning sunset as well as night view it has to offer. As I mentioned on my social media update earlier, admission was free before 10pm and the first 100 guests get 2 bottles of Kronenbourg 1664 beer for FREE! How generous of them!

To be frank it was my first time trying Kronenbourg 1664 beer *shy* I mean it is not exactly served everywhere at restaurants and bars unlike the more giant brands. Therefore it was quite an exciting moment for me to have been invited to such a awesome event whereby I could taste Kronenbourg 1664 for the first time in my life! LOL. For those of you who have not heard of this French beer, they first started off with Lager variant (green bottle) and subsequently introduced Blanc, wheat variant (blue bottle). Girls, I would highly recommend Blanc as the taste is lighter. Strictly no bitterness like your ordinary beer, guaranteed satisfactory! Teehee.

Kronenbourg 1664 was founded by Jérôme Hatt in 1664, and has expanded globally especially after it was acquired by the Carlsberg Group in 2008, and is now available in over 60 countries. Kronenbourg 1664 comes in two variants, the Kronenbourg 1664, which is brewed from Strisselspalt hops, known as the “caviar of hops”; and Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, a refreshing wheat beer brewed with a hint of citrus and coriander spice, giving it a sweet and unique flavour making this variant quite a favourite among girls who otherwise would normally never touch a beer. The brand was awarded gold medals during the “International Brewing Award” in 2004 and 2005, making it the first and only brand to bag a gold medal for two years consecutively.

Kronenbourg 1664 has been exposing Malaysian consumers to the French way of life namely – food, fashion and enjoyment. This has been communicated through a series of consumer and media engagements including Kronenbourg 1664’s signature event L’Aperitif Fashion which is like a Malaysian version of Project Runway, being the official beer of the BMW WTA Open and STYLO, a series of wonderful fine dining food pairings, and most recently their Cinq à Sept campaign which is all about having good work/ life balance.

For those who work in the city, you’re most likely to experience some form of stress – traffic jams, work stress, overtime, boss yelling at you, backstabbing, kids screaming etc. . . 

Of course, these humdrums of life are inevitable, but the least we could do is to reduce our stress level! To achieve this, Kronenbourg 1664 has come up with ‘Taste the French Way of Life’ which is a brand new thematic campaign aimed at giving you and your friends some enjoyable, memorable yet simple experiences.
The French are known to really enjoy their life, while Malaysians (from the urban area) on the other hand are quite career and work-driven, striving from morning till late evening to make a good living for themselves and their family. I wouldn't judge that one culture is better than the other, but somewhere in between is where Kronenbourg 1664 wants you to be with “Taste the French Way of Life”- achieving a good work/ life balance.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Teehee.

Therefore, Kronenbourg 1664 has come up with a series of events to make us really look forward to Fridays! *excited*
To start off the series was the Kronenbourg 1664 Rooftop BBQ party at Stratosphere, The Roof, First Avenue Bandar Utama on 8 August 2014!

Kelly, Jiayeen, Stephanie and I were present that night. All 4 of us are working adults now, can you believe it! :O It somehow makes me understand what Kronenbourg 1664 was trying to achieve as we Malaysians are always so caught up in work that we forget to appreciate the finer and simpler things in life – friendship, togetherness and quality moments!
The party started off with ice-breaking session during which all the guests were gathered around for simple warm-up dance moves. We were even told to line up and massage each other shoulders. One of the many effective ways for me to de-stress indeed! XD

Check out the pretty ambassadors in Kronenbourg uniform! 

Henry J. Anderson, the Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia went up on stage for a short speech and the launch gambit which involved his using the gas gun to blow away all your worries. You should be familiar with the gas gun if you frequent PLAY! ^^

Time for BBQ! Lamb, chicken wings, sausages, patty, pasta etc etc.We stuffed ourselves with every sort of food they offered that night!

I always love the concept of outdoor BBQ! What's more the venue was at the roof top and it happened to be a windy evening. Nothing beats sharing delicious grilled meat with great companies under the perfect weather!

While we were busy enjoying the food, a two piece band serenaded us with some of the latest hits.

We even managed to persuade MHB's resident professional songbird Kelly Siew to perform "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" - Carlsberg's signature song. Bravo to Kelly, she is such a great singer who instantly gained the crowd's approval!

The humorous MC kept the guests entertained with games giving out cool prizes like a Kronenbourg 1664 mini fridge to the winners!

All the guests were having a great time chilling and enjoying the food, beers and entertainment. The nice and breezy weather added to the overall ambience.

A poi dancer enthralled the crowd.

Girls being girls. We kept ourselves occupied at the photowall or flipbook wall as they call it as they recorded a short video and printed it out onto a small notebook which you can flip the pages to make it seem like a little video. How cool is that??

Delicious barbequed lamb, ice-cold Kronenbourg 1664 beer, live band and games together with friends at a cool breezy 29-storey venue. All the ingredients necessary for a fun and memorable party! What more could you ask for on a Friday evening?

Can’t wait to see what else they have in store for consumers and I’m really excited to attend Kronenbourg 1664’s “Taste The French Way of Life” upcoming events especially the big finale party on 5 December!
5 Sep 2014– Movie Night. Kronenbourg 1664 promises that you’ll be at the edge of your seats

12 September 2014 – Darts Night. It’s time to get your game face on!

19 Sep 2014 – Dining in the Dark. It’s time to get those taste-buds tingling with anticipation
3 Oct 2014 – Comedy Night. Like they say, laughter is the best medicine
17 Oct 2014 – Food Fest & Art Escapade. The time has come to ignite those senses
31 Oct 2014 – Broadway show. Kick-up those heels and sing along because this is going to be a show to remember!
5 Dec 2014 – Kronenbourg 1664 Year-End party. Billed to be the most fun you’ll have this year! 

As the above are all consumer events, find out how you can attend by heading over to
Giveaway alert! Kronenbourg 1664 is giving out some Handheld Monopods for you selfie addicts out there! Simply purchase a Kronenbourg 1664 beer tower, or two buckets or six full pints of Kronenbourg 1664 at participating outlets and you’ll get one (while stocks last). This giveaway is run in conjunction with the ‘Taste the French Way of Life’ campaign to reward you with the right tool to capture your special moments!

My selfie moment with Kronenbourg 1664. I think I need a monopod from Kronenbourg 1664 to capture a better selfie! Teehee.

TGIF!!! If you are feeling stressed and overloaded, it's time to achieve a good work/life balance. Get your Kronenbourg 1664 today to taste the French way of Life! Don't forget to save your dates for the upcoming Kronenbourg 1664 events as mentioned above :)