Thursday, September 24, 2009

D'Ultimate Birthday Bash Tickets Giveaway

One day, Gloss, Mousse and Lippie, the 3 sisters from the Rimmel family went to yumcha with May, a big size fat girl they have met recently.

The 3 Rimmel sisters are well known for their fabulous lifestyle. It has been quite a while ever since they left London to explore the other parts of the world.

On the other hand, May has been an orphan for her entire life. Despite her ugly appearance, she is very likeable for her silky skin and her fragranced body. It was rumoured that whoever touches May’s naked body would smell as good as her. However, nobody knows the truth as May is always fully wrapped up in her purple outfit.

The 3 sisters thought that May has a great potential. They wanted to welcome her into the Rimmel family. But first of all, they have to gain the queen’s permission.

The queen’s answer was as expected. In order to fit into the family, one has to be skinny and hot like Kate Moss. In this case, May failed terribly. She had lost an opportunity to get a London look make over.

Nevertheless, May is not sad because she will be celebrating her birthday with Digi at Barcelona on 3rd of October! Unlike the queen, Digi doesn't discriminate. Everyone is welcomed to to join Digi's D'Ultimate Birthday Bash!

Date: 3rd October 2009
Venue: Barcelona

There will be a goodie bag worth RM50! Awesome right!

Courtesy of Digi, I will be giving 5 pairs of free tickets, each worth RM30 to D'Ultimate Birthday Bash! In order to be one of the 5 lucky winners, simply leave your email at the comment column and tell me how you will rock the night. Priority will be given to Digi users and those whose birthday falls on October, November and December. Don't miss out the chance! XD

p/s: Got the Rimmel products and the soap during Digi D'Ultimate Birthday Bash bloggers gathering at Cloth & Clef! XD


Lyle Gogh said...

how i rock the night ?

my email .... look at my profile or msg me on twitter :p

Roy Oon said...

i'm a digi user & october boy thought of getting the free ticket from u and i will rock the night by dancing whole night long!!

Chee Ching said...


November 18th. :D I promise I won't be so uberly shy when I go to the party; and whatmore; it's my 21st bday this November! :P

the'messenger said...

Gonna bring my best mate and drink down till we drown, party till there's no tomorrow, celebrating my birthday on nov, nov, November 4th! :D

Jackie said...

me me me! =D =D

jackie loi

i need it to give to my friend =D

anyway how do i rock d night? me myself already rock and awesome! y? coz my birthday way fall on 3rd oct, which is d same day as d event. isn't it i will rock the night? hahaha

thx kate =)

Jacquelyn Ho said...

*jumps up and down*

I'm too short la that's why have to jump around to get ur attention =(

hmm. how will i rock the night? i die die also will/must drink alcoholic beverages this time!

might not be celebrating my 21st birthday in kl with family, friends this time.. so, this is considered my bday party? =)

DOD 7th Nov. 7 eleven! hehe.

Jacquelyn Ho said...

oh em gee. typo! DOB.

DOD sounds like date of death ok. CHOI CHOI CHOI

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

As long I am there, the night will automatic rock itself wan! LOL! wtf...

I want 2 more tickets so I can bring my friends. Their birthday is on oct, nov and dec (wah so happen all my good friend's bday those months) and this will be their last birthday I'll celebrate with them before I leave for UK.

My birthday January wor! so fail d lor! (MY CHINESE BIRTHDAY IS the 11th Month = nov! ok right?!!) but but...I've been using DIGI for 7 years. OK BOH? xD

Unknown said...


October baby here.
Hmm, how would I rock the night?
I would bring my best buds to the partay with me and we'll party so hard we'll eventually turn the whole venue upside down!


Anonymous said...

DiGi user prioriy? So not fair! lol

Fallen Angel said...

I will rock the night by bashing everyone there.. No la kidding.. I will rock the night by letting my inner truth out and follow the flow of the party..

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Wooooo, I wonder am I late already >.<

I'm a digi user BTW. LOL

I will 'rock' the night with bricks and stones. hahaha

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

hmmm, seems to be having prob with my mail >.<