Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vain Pot with the Satin Dress

My current Facebook profile photo. MrHik said people who don’t know me wouldn’t know how I actually look like. In other words, my photo doesn’t resemble me at all! FML.

Yes I am vain like that.

Raya break is over and I’m in KL again. Mum had been so busy that I couldn’t even get her to trim my eyebrow! =(

Classy new jacket. Beige is my favourite colour for now (apart from grey XD).

New satin dress.

Big bow always attracts me.

One good way of camwhoring is by covering one side of your face with the camera. That way you can be both sexy and mysterious, yet without showing much effort.

(and maybe to hide the fact that you’re born with an uneven face XD)

Also, take photos without your face. But first of all, make sure you have the kinda body that gives good impression. Say, a body that triggers imagination. No, I don’t mean the ham sap way! Imagination as in, people might have the perception that you have a pretty face if you have a great body. Get what I mean?

Anyway, I have to sleep now to reduce my dulan-ness. Can’t stand certain people. Pissed off. Pfft.


Hikaru said...

oooowhh..who make u dulan?

Copykate said...

hikaru: some people. i'm very easily-provoked =(

Anonymous said...

why your eyes so BIG? *lol

Copykate said...

jg: hmm, what a question! i guess it's the angle problem XD

cat said...

hi! love ur ur blog, but i think u better STOP editing your eyes, they look weird! seriously...minus that, u look fabulous!

Copykate said...

cat: thanks dear, but that's such an insult cause i did not edit my eyes for this post. they actually look like that when taken close-up =(