Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Black Mannequin

College year is no doubt the best time ever in my life. All the fun we have each day, the happy days we spend together. Looking at those photos, I’m reminded again of how much I enjoy being myself when we’re together. It’s heartbreaking to think that in 2months time we won’t be seeing each other so often. Will life be greater as we move on to another journey? Whatever it is, I will always remember you people who have brought me so much laughter.

Here are a few photos taken with my college mates recently, some of which captured in Mid Valley on the day we watched Final Destination in 3-D. If you’ve passed by Centre Court, you would have noticed the kampong-style stage set up in conjunction with the coming Hari Raya. It looked so nice, unlike those old dirty kampong houses we usually see, that I secretly wish I could climb in and stay inside.

Hello morons! XD

At this point of time, saying they’re gay is a definite understatement. Any comment?

As we walked on, we spotted something hilariously ridonkulous, so amusing that I couldn’t help bursting out in laughter. Gawd, why would anyone display a coal black mannequin??? That was the first time I have ever seen a black mannequin, and it wasn’t exactly the most pleasant sight, to be honest. I mean, not that I’m being racist or something, but look at that, have you seen any human who looks like that??? WTF. And it was wearing a purple wig! Which makes it appear even more comical than ever! Please lah, the mannequin looked as if it was burnt in the sauna machine in Final Destination. Staring at it would give me nightmares!!! A charcoal woman, wearing a baju kurung, it’s fucking stupid. Oh well, perhaps it’s their unique (but not so pleasant) way of attracting customers. LOL.

On Merdeka eve, which also happened to Weiyi’s birthday, we hang out at Shan’s place for a late night DVD shows accompanied by snacks and sparkling juice. We bought a cake for her, but all she did was sitting on the sofa avoiding the camera while complaining how much she hates taking photos and why we shouldn’t have bought the cake. Wtfreak.

So, we ended up taking photos without her. Meanwhile Shan’s grandma was sitting in front watching he TV show peacefully, completely ignoring the uproar we were causing XD

We headed off to Wong Kok for free giant birthday milk tea! Cheat one, so much ice! But 6 of us didn’t manage to finish it. Still some left over. Teehee.

Gotcha! In the end the camera caught the birthday girl frowning as usual. LMAO! Doesn’t Shan look cute?

Unlike Weiyi, I was a steady birthday queen. I was so happy that they bought me a cake that day, despite the fact that it was no longer a surprise thanks to Hunt who has the biggest mouth in the universe. He assumed that I knew they were buying me a cake, so he blurted it out when Shan and Eyu were going off for the mission. It was so funny to see Shan’s facial expression which changed drastically when he mentioned it! But anyhow, thanks mates, you made my day! XD

note: Marcus looking very unglam with his hair band. The boys were having a futsal match that day.

Anyway, good news! I have something great coming soon to give away to my readers! So just check out my updates and anticipate the surprise. First come first serve hor. Till then! <3


Lynn said...

Maybe the mannequin got burnt but they don't have money to buy a new one X)

Copykate said...

lynn: hangus mannequin? lol. might collapse anytime. *run*

L.Chew said...

Time past so fast.... We are going to graduated already... It's really heartbreaking to think that we will be hardly to see each others after graduated...

Copykate said...

chew win: sad. we have to keep in touch!