Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Quick Update From the Mall

Things that pissed me off right now:

1. The new Topshop boxer that itches my crotch.
Shuddup. I washed it k! This is my second time wearing. Dunno what's wrong with the cutting, keep sticking up my ass and my. . . *ahem*. I'm so addicted to Topshop undies nowadays! How? Help!!!

2. Inconsiderate kids who run around the food court.
I hate kids. Notorious little creatures. What if they bang onto me and stain my pinafore with their yucky sticky food? Spank them! Spank spank spank! (I'll be a loving mum next time. Trust me, I will =x)

3. The extremely sour lime juice.
OMG are you sure it's meant for us human? It's so sour la wtfreak! But still, it's better than not sour at all right? It's lime juice, wadya expect?

4. My mum.
Each time she misses the Sunday service or care group meeting, she'll be hot-tempered for the following week. Thank goodness though, my siblings are the ones who always get it. I'm very good in hiding one you dunno? XD

Today she integorrated me about Tony's blog comments.

Mum: How come those people send that kinda comments on Tony's post?
Me: Don't bother la, those people from the college. Crazy one. Same person with multiple posts. Anonymous. Cowards. Chicken with no balls.
Mum: Why there's somebody who commented that you are rich?
Me: Oh, they said they read my blog and think that I'm a rich girl.
Mum: Wah, your blog can tell them you are rich ah? What did you post?
Me: Cause I got post up my S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G (deliberately accentuated my favourite word) stuff! XD
Mum: Gosh, why you go and post up these kinda things? How many times you want me to tell you, don't go and write about your personal life! You know how many people reading it anot? The net is worldwide you know anot?. . . blabla
Me: Yea yea yea I know. (Self mumbles: It's a personal blog -_____-")

I wonder what she's gonna say if she sees her husband face on my eligible bachelor entry. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Speaking of shopping, it's devastating how people hold the perception that I'm rich just because I shop often. Poor people don't need to buy clothes is it? It's a necessity k! What's more, I'm actually spending my own hard-earned money from my online blog shop. They even accused me for being a spoilt brat who attempts to burn a hole on daddy's pocket! *sobs* I can't remember the last time I ask for allowance from Pete. Honestly, I've been depending on my own these few months. I guess I should ask for his sponsorship for my next trip then.

And now, I declare:

5. I am officially broke!
Oh man, I am broke! Can you believe it? My bank account balance is less than RM1K now. There are so many things I can't afford at the moment. How lah??? Tell me how to earn more money please? More earning, less spending! Teach me how to control myself not to shop so often! Like, gimme a to-do list and not-to-do list?

Okay, now this "blow trumpet" Chinese song is pissing me off. I mean, what kinda person would come out with such obscene lyrics???

They're singing about blow job anyway. Just in case you're as innocent as me =)


2nd Unit 2nd Room said...

shopping shopping... eh... not bad eh... you're earning enough to sustain through your daily life? impressive...
*big thumbs up*

bacterium said...

Bet she will say...

It's about time you get married.

Copykate said...

unclejosh, i dun think it'll last me long. nothing impressive about it. just some side earning XD

Copykate said...

bacterium, why???
i don't get it X(

Simon Seow said...

Er..last I checked, my bank account only left RM 20.

Btw, you won't get questions if your mum didn't know your blog.

Copykate said...

RM20? lol. i'm sure u have more than 1 bank account.

my mum knows about my blog. it's just that she doesn't online XD

vialentino said...

hi kate....not bad ler...at least ur bank still got 1k compare to mine...less than rm 100.

Copykate said...

gah. u guys r comparing account balance with me huh? XD

Anonymous said...

Hey were you in the papers? Which one??

Copykate said...

hey julian! it's on sin chew daily XD