Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Stupid April Fool

I'm really pissed off now I tell you. Don't try to enrage me any further. I might just dash into the kitchen, take the knife and chop you into pieces.

Stupid car is playing a fool with me on this foolish day.

I can't start the engine!

It died. It's dead. Already dieded. Very deaded. So diederer deaderest diedying deadered.

I need to hit someone now. I'm a violent cow yea yea.

What happened??? It was still working well when I drove back from Katie's house!

This is the worst april fool I've ever experienced.

It'd better not be a prank from that nasty car.



bacterium said...

Knee deep in the dead.

Car needs love too.

Copykate said...

prolly dad's fault for not bringing the car for service X(

joshuaongys said...

hmmmm i'm still wondering is this whole car thing a prank for ur readers??

Copykate said...

omg i'm not that lame okay?!

u think i would set up a prank that doesn't even appear like a prank at all??? jeez.

the battery of the car was damaged. already repaired it though XD

Simon Seow said...

Forgot to switch off lights?

Copykate said...

simon, i did! dad din bring it for service. lol