Thursday, April 3, 2008

Eligible Photoshopped Bachelors

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I’ve been longing to write this article since the end of last month, but the eligible bachelor website can’t be accessed until the 1st of April.
Now, everybody please log on to !

Presenting CLEO Malaysia April 2008!

CLEO has been my favourite magazine for more than three years. I heart the Q&A Sex 50 Most Eligible Bachelor part especially. I remember back then in secondary school, my mates and I would bring the magazine to school and flip on the bachelor pages. There was once when we argued on whether bald men are attractive. Apparently my friend found a bald Indian guy on the list and commented that his bald head was sexy, while I, on the other hand felt disgusted by the fact that she has a fetish for bald men. Shit. Tell me this sentence is not gonna bring me into trouble!

*flips CLEO and looks for bald bachelor*

*found one*

*found another*

*found more*

Wtfreak. So many this time???

LOL. I don’t have anything against bald men k! It’s just that I prefer guys with more hair. And that is, hair on the scalp of course -________-"

Wait a minute, let’s just assume that you’re a loyal CLEO reader. Did you notice that the eligible bachelors are getting worse by year? What happened? Is it that guys nowadays are getting uglier and uglier? Or the handsome ones simply failed to be nominated? It’s pretty crap. This year, none of them appeals to me at all. In fact, I should say it’s rather disappointing. To think that the other day, I was so excited to get a copy of CLEO in Puduraya, even with my heavy luggage, shopping bags and all. But as I sat down and browsed through the mag, I let out an intense sigh, meanwhile frowned so hard that I thought my eyebrows would never be separated again. Look, even my dad is better looking!

LMAO! Sorry Pete, I hope he doesn’t see this. What an ugly pic! I can’t seem to find any other solo pic of him though. And also, I lied about his age. Wtfreak. My dad is not that young k! He couldn’t possibly have me when he was 10years old. Like DUH.

25 stands for his birth date ^^

Oh and by the way, these bachelor dudes are highly-photoshopped!

Let’s not talk about these guys. Not that I’ve seen them in real life anyway. But but but. . .

Kenny does not look like that!!!

He looks so good in that pic! So fair, clean shaved, thin, non-pimplish and baby face! Okay, he does look more baby-fatty-chubby- face in real life. Nice shirt he’s wearing. He just looks so different XD

Actually, apart from Kenny our all-time-favourite (don’t make him feel too proud of himself), I’ve found a good one this time. Look at him!

Addie Arnizam hate the name is so cute!!! Doncha think so huh huh huh? I like his hair. I like his eyes. I like his eyebrow. I like his nose. I like his smile. I like his teeth. I like his knitted checked shirt (you rock!)! I like everything! He’s perfect (physically at least)! What’s more, he’s a flight attendant! Jeez. I’m gonna fly with him! We’re only a few years apart. Wait for me darling! *giggles*

My choice of bachelors for the Subsidiary Titles:

Bachelor You’d Have Your Coffee With: James Wong! What? He looks okay. And he’s the youngest among them =) Sorry, Kenny Sia! Check out his profile here .

Best Groomed Bachelor: Owen Yap. Because I have no idea who to choose. Wtfreak.

Most Adventurous Bachelor: Kenny Sia!

Bachelor You’d Get Hot & Sweaty With: Addie Arnizam! OMG let’s get hot and sweaty darling! I heart you! XD

Bachelor With The Sexiest Eyes: Afshin Helmitabrizi. (so susah to type the name) This lucky hairy dude got one whole page and even appeared on the front page.

Now, go get your own copy of CLEO and check out what it has to offer.

Don’t forget to vote for Kenny!

See you at Zouk Club on 25th April!


Yuinyi said...

Omg I gotta agree with you, the guys are getting worse! Some people in Intec can beat all of them what the heck. XD

Anonymous said...

talk about being superficial!

being eligible doesn't mean you gotta be good-looking. (it's a bonus if the dude is) Kudos to CLEO for featuring REAL men.

if you r that dissatified with the line-up, maybe you should nominate the "HOTTIES" that you know for 2009. A couple of my friends did last year and Addie was one of 'em. :-D

Anonymous said...

I vote for Afshin Helmitabrizi.. he's so hot =D

Copykate said...

oh gosh joelyn, ur last sentence is a big insult!!! XD

Copykate said...

but but, eligible bachelors are supposed to be hot or we wouldn't even bother to vote X(

and omg u mean addie the hottie??? do u know him personally? does he look hot in real life as well? XD

i would like to nominate the hotties i know, but most of them are too young to even join =P

Copykate said...

yea afsin is hot. but i still prefer addie! ahhh my cutie pie! XD