Monday, April 14, 2008

Bored At Work

Hello people!

I'm so bored in the office that I've been blog-hopping for the past 1hour. I guess I've clicked on nearly all the links on my page.

Lotsa filing work to complete! I know it's easy and doesn't require much use of brain, even a 10-year-old kid can handle it. But what if you have 30 over company files and each file consists of 10 divisions, and you have to sort out all the documents that are jumbled up??? It's one big pile of trash! Honestly, I can't really tell what is what. Incorp doc, corresp, form49 blabla. *faints*

Maybe I should stop complaining and get back to work =.="

Ha, Uncle Josh posted up a very bimbotic pic of me on his latest post. I always look nice with shades on. Cause half of my face would be covered! Hiak hiak.

What a hectic week! I guess I've overshopped and overspent as well, so now I'm just gonna take a break, meanwhile try to save more money for more shopping. Few days later I will be heading back home to get some imp0rtant stuff that I've left out, as well as to celebrate a few important people's birthday! =))) In case you wanna know who, they're:

1. Mummy dearest
2. Zi Li my buddy
3. Chia Hui also my buddy wtfreak? the very awesome friend, i know.
4. Yong Chin i dunno who, stupid guy whose friend keeps stalking on my blog and telling him any entry that is related to him =PPP

I've sort of prepared mum's present. But as the other 3, any idea??? Guys, if you happened to read this post, please leave a comment and tell me what you want. Save me from cracking up my head thinking what to get for you.

4presents in a month. Broke broke broke! Why am I so poor? Life is so unfair one hor? =x

And then next week, I'm heading back to KL again -.-

I now declare that KL is officially my 2nd home. LOL.

Can someone please kill this annoying person from my msn list?

Dakota says:
And just because you were on Sin Chew Daily in Malaysia, you think you were on the cover of Vogue Italia or something? Paaaaaleeeease.

HA-DI-HA. So dumb. I didn't even kick up a big fuss about being in that article. Merely post up the newspaper cutting. Does that make me an attention seeking bitch? Mehhh.

On second thought, we know who the attention seeking biatch is =)))

LOL, what am I doing, rambling on and on about random stuff?

Better stop blogging before boss comes back. Counting the minutes before work ends.

Sydney this year end. To go or not to go? Goodness, I'm supposed to have booked the air-ticket already! X(


2nd Unit 2nd Room said...

blah... just be creative and you would be doing pretty well already... why worry? ^_^

better call me up when you're in KL ya... haha....

Copykate said...

blah. i wish i was a creative person.

i'm already in KL wat. why? you gonna treat me? LOL.

Simon Seow said...

Thanks for putting me on your blog roll.

Copykate said...

simon, u're welcome =)

2nd Unit 2nd Room said...

treat you??? slowly wait... hahaha...
you got your rx-8 to fetch you home mah... my car can't match

Copykate said...

ok that's mean. so u're a stingy guy.

yep rx-8 rockz! XD

2nd Unit 2nd Room said...

haha... well... i am not stingy la... ^_^ i am rather generous... you've yet to seen the generous side of me...

so who'z that lucky guy in rx-8? ^_^

Copykate said...

rx-8 is my aunt's, not some stupid guy's.


bacterium said...

Stop winning all the contests...
If not...
At least send something my way

Copykate said...

i only won one contest!

garn, i should be the one asking u where my birthday present is. it's been 8months huh? LOL

Simon Seow said...

I now declare Singapore to be my second home.

Will be going down again next month.

Copykate said...

oh? business trip there often huh? good for u! lol.

i wanna go singapore! bring me XD