Monday, December 27, 2010

Malaysia Cheat Laser

Last night, our football team totally kicked Indonesians’ ass by the score of 3-0 in AFF Suzuki Cup! Soon, it became a hot topic on twitter that Malaysians won by the cheat laser. Wow, so our country had invented some kinda powerful laser that can aid us in winning football matches? Wouldn’t that make us the champion of World Cup Final very soon? I was cofused at first, then as always, I googled “Malaysia Cheat Laser”.

“What is Malaysia Cheat Laser? The Malaysia Cheat Laser words refer to laser from Malaysian football supporter in Suzuki AFF Cup 2010. Malaysia supporters are reported using laser beam to distract opponent concentration especially the goalkeeper.”

There were rumours saying that the laser was caught on the video camera. Until then, there is no solid proof that Malaysians have cheated with the so-called laser. Regardless of that, I was quite amazed by their score. Congrats to our Malaysian teams! It all happened after I left the stadium a few minutes after the second half started.

Tickets to the match.


Ashleigh and I before changing into our attire.


Fairuz, our boss who hired us to cheer for the match.


Nevertheless, the crowd that night was so semangat we didn’t even need to cheer to make it more happening.


Harley Davidson and Ducati.


All of us.


Never had I seen our nations being so patriotic before. Everyone was either wearing the Malaysian team jersey or holding the Malaysian flag, or even both. Even the LRT station was crowded and filled with roaring sounds from all the supporters and the vuvuzelas.

Here are 5 epic scenes during Malaysia vs Indonesia match:

1. Praying on the ground in public. while kneeling on Jalur Gemilang (Malaysian flag).

Totally awestruck when I saw so many of them kneeling down and praying before the match started. I thought I was in Mekkah or something. Didn’t dare to snap photos close up in case they thought it was disrespectful, so here’s a photo of a man praying from far. There were many more devoted Muslims other than him that night.


I guess Allah must had really granted their prayer when our team won the match by 3-0!

2. Everyone was pushing and shoving their way through aimlessly.

And needless to say, we were one of those people. Upon entering the ticketing gate of Bukit Jalil, we just anyhow tried shove our way through with probably other thousands of people. The crowd had only one aim in mind, to get their way in before the match started. I swear if I ever fell down, I would probably get trampled on and died.


We went all the way from one gate to another after failing to get our way in, and even climbed the stairs to 2 levels above. Worse still, we had to slowly squeeze our way out while avoiding the stinky armpits of Malay teenage football fanatics. Before we even got in, we were already sweating and panting as if we had just finished a match.


3. Climbing the wall to get to the seats.

That was exactly how we managed to get in and secured ourselves some seats! All of us, boys and girls alike climbed our way into the Indonesian seats since we Malaysians weren’t allowed to go through the Indonesians’ gate. The Malaysians seats were all filled up and that was the only options left. Can you imagine, girls like us climbing through the wall?!


So there we are, sitting behind a bunch of Indonesians supporters, trying to keep our mouth shut so we wouldn’t get beaten up by the rivals.


But worse come to worst, we had our fellow Malaysians from the back to back us up XD


4. Tossing trash at the marching band.

The marching band was just minding their own business doing left leg right leg around the field, then all of a sudden there was trash like empty bottles being thrown at their direction. None of the bottles hit their body, but I couldn’t help to burst out in laughter seeing these funny things that people do. And despite the security check, more than half of us successfully sneaked in our drinks.


5. Throwing bottles and splashing water at the opponent’ supporters.

The pointless out-of-the-field battle between the Malaysians and the Indonesians. Pointing fingers and yelling at each other making the scene even more chaotic. Seriously if they removed their fake jerseys, I wouldn’t be able to tell who is who as they all look the same. I was so afraid we might become the victim from the war since we were sitting so close to the Indons.


Like I said, we left early to avoid getting stuck in the stadium. Wouldn’t want to spend two hours in Bukit Jalil with excited Malay teens yelling near my ears. It was my first time watching a live football match, albeit the not-so-good experience.


The next match will be held at Jakarta. Is anyone flying over to support our team? :)


Anonymous said...

Malaysian supporters used lasers to cheat Indonesian team is not a rumour it is the TRUTH! u gotta need watch the video tape of the match to make urself sure it really is. Indonesian team is 2nd victim of Malaysian cheaters after Vietnam, we let the world know how "great" ur supporters in cheating in football match by TWITTER!

Hayden Chan said...

not me for sure. not gonna fly over there.

bacterium said...

May I know how did you cheer for our team? Looks you just sat there and did nothing but took some weird pictures. Hmmph.

Copykate said...

anonymous: it's no wonder HATE MALAYSIA is trending on twitter! :)

qing sheng: yea wouldn't want to risk getting beaten up and die in their country anyway :(

bacterium: HAHA shuddup. i mentioned that the crowd was so crazy we didn't even need to cheer wat. so we were getting paid to watch the match XD

Name said...

permission to share please.
thank you

Anonymous said...

Malaysian keeper was also victim of laser beam when playing the opening match in Jakarta but nobody complain as the light don't cause much distraction. indons finding lame excuses for their loss.

wen pink said...

woot?! u were hired to cheer for the team?! O_O walao!

Copykate said...

Name: you have my permission :)

Anonymous: now that's something new for me. Hmm...

Wen pink: yea but we didn't even need to cheer! Lol