Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Did everyone have a joyful Christmas? This year, I asked my Santa for MAC face highlighter and Kiehl’s lip balm!


MAC Iridiscent Powder. It’s a glitterish powder that makes my bone structure more protruding.


Been wanting to try Kiehl’s lip balm. He got me Mint and Cranberry!


Now all I need is a good make-up base! Any brand that you would recommend? I’m currently using MAC’s but it’s finishing soon.

Just had dinner with Angela and Mei Yan, my two uni besties a moment ago. Haven’t seen them for quite a while since I had been so busy working. Angela bought me a statement tee for Christmas!


See what it says! I showed it to Sam and told him that it means I’m not allowed to talk to him anymore. LOL.


The t-shirt fits perfectly, and I’ve always liked white tees. Thanks babe!

Anyway, guess how I spent my Christmas eve? Dressed up in Heineken dress and worked at Artista, Tropicana City Mall with Stepfanie! I know it’s strange that a while ago I’ve just represented Carlsberg, and now I’m suddenly working for Heineken. Whoever says I can’t be the ambassador for both? XD

All we had to do that night was going around taking Polaroid photos for the guests. Before our job ended, the chef even treated us to a large plate of pizza!


Well, the pizza certainly made our working-on-Christmas-eve less pathetic. In fact we had a lovely time stuffing ourselves with the yummy Italian delicacy while having our usual girls talk.


As for Christmas night, I was too sick and tired to work so I quit from my last Carlsberg event and had turkey dinner with Sam’s family instead. His mum bought two huge turkeys which we didn’t manage to finish at last.


Like I mentioned earlier on, it was my first time eating turkey, and to be honest I hate it! It tastes not much difference from chicken, except dryer and more tasteless. No wonder people only have turkeys once a year but not throughout the year.


Thank God for every bit of wonderful blessing He has brought into my life. Now that Christmas is over, we are ready to embrace 2011. How are you going to celebrate New Year eve? I would like to abstain myself from alcohol on the last day of 2010 and to welcome New Year with a sober mind!


bacterium said...

Poor turkey, his thighs are being used as weapon for a fight. another reason is that turkey is more expensive than chicken. come on, all t-shirts can fit you for sure, just get the smallest size on the block. and i think your eyes are a bit too big.. don't you get insects fly into your eyes often? :)

Copykate said...

bacterium: that t-shirt she got me was really small. if it's even a little bigger it probably won't fit well. my eyes aren't that big! it's the contact lens :P