Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Labour Day

Happy Labour Day! This year, Wesak’s Day happened to be on the same day, so 2nd of May is announced as public holiday too! Which means, we don’t have to go to school! Oops, as if it makes any difference for meXD Spiderman3 started showing in the theatre yesterday. As far as I’m concern, my friends (yea, the usual gang) went for the midnight show. It was very kind of them for not inviting me. No, it doesn’t matter that I’ve missed the first day showing of Spidey, but the point is, they DID NOT ask me along. So I shall catch it up later with some other friends though I'm too lazy to go to the cinema. Too bad I can't watch it with Jess since she's following meng Hong back to KL. How sadX(

Happy Birthday to Li Ling and Happy Belated Birthday to Joanne! I hadn’t met both of them for quite some time, not until last night when Jess and I had a small gathering with them in Uncle Sam’s Café. It seems that both of them have changed their hairstyle. Suddenly, I had an urge to change my hairstyle, to cut it short perhaps. But come to think of the consequences, I might look even UGLIER than now; the guys are gonna sneer at me more often; the girls will lie to me that I LOOK NICE eventhough deep down in heart they think it’s ugly! Oh no! After second thought, I’ve decided to keep my long hair, although I’m quite
attracted to Carol’s mushroom hair which looks resembles the girl in Mr. Bean’s Holiday.
Special drink with carrot, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and chili sauce!
Give it a try? XD

I felt happy to be able to meet Joanne who is currently studying in Perak (KUiTM I suppose). Jess had taken over the conversation for the last night cause she has got abundant of questions regarding Wee Guan, the new guy who had a crush on Joanne(Guan’s rival), Joel(Jess’s old flame who will very likely go after Joanne according to Jess) blabla. . . Okay, maybe I’m sprouting nonsenseXD I’m glad that Joanne and Wee Guan’s relationship is still going on. Honestly, I think they’re really compatible. It’s unlike those i-love-u-u-love-me-every-second kinda relationship, but a really strong and lasting one(I guess). You wouldn’t know how much I envy them. He was gonna sing her a birthday song! Wow. Wow. So sweeeeeeeeeeet!!! As for the new guy, apparently I have no idea who he is and how he looks like. Jess thinks he’s a no-no just because he just came back from NS and is bald. Later on, she added that her own boyfriend is not necessary have to be good looking. Ehemm, okay, that’s really new for me! Kekeke.

By the way, Jess showed me Joel’s picture in the newspaper yesterday. So he managed to get Bank Negara scholarship and is most probably heading to London after 2years or so, with tuition fees and other expenses fully covered! OMG. OMG. How did you do that, Joel? I think some people especially BaHua might be interested to take a look at his blog. His articles on high achievers thingy and things that I don’t quiet half understand, maybe a so called Top Student’s Blog=)


Anonymous said...

ur blog so intresting leh...everyday got things can read...hhaah

Copykate said...

thanks yaw theng. tats simply becoz i'm too free avdayXD actually i've got nth btr to write coz my life s kinda boring. kekeke

Anonymous said...

maybe u are he next william shakepearce.....haha.....or next JK.Rowling....haha....yaw

Anonymous said...

firstly, you are a lil too exaggerating bout da ns guy. i got no problem with bald guys, till now, i hope. I LOVE JO'S and LILING's SMILE. thought u declined my suggestion bout pink background or smth close right away? i think it isnt too bad after all.


Anonymous said...

oh ya, it's kyuem.


Anonymous said...

and da background in 1st pic (you and jo and da lime juice which a fly entered) is nice. XD

-jc-, again

Copykate said...

william shakespeare? i wud prefer emily dickinsonXD

oh jez, i love tat pic! u tk the rite angle! both of us look nice!kekeke