Sunday, May 13, 2007

Gothic Girl

1.45pm- tea time at Secret Recipe
I paid for Zi Li and Chia Hui. Wanted to treat Jin Sheng and Yaw Theng too but they ended up paying me>.<

Went to Tanjung after that. To see monkey? It was quite a boredom. So we shifted to the playground area. Bought 3bottles of my favourite bubbles! XD

By the way, the person who was selling the bubbles asked whether I was a gothic girl. What the freak? NO!

Had dinner at Parit Jawa. A restaurant named "Qian Xi". Waited almost one hour before the food came. I was challenged to eat the fish eyes. It wasn't that bad though, except that one of the eyes was uncooked and I could see blood dripping. Gross X(

Winston wanted me to take a picture of him s**king. And it happened that everyone was pressing their handphone. Erm, not so cool. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Still say not gothic... my god...

Copykate said...

yea? XD i wonder who u r. kekeke