Friday, June 29, 2007

Waving Bye To Muar

I woke up in the morning and realized that there are plenty of things I need to settle before leaving Muar. Damn cracked! So PISSED OFF! Dad and mum non-stop nagging for the whole morning! “You always do last-minute work.” “You should have done it earlier.” Gimme some peace, won’t you?! I’ve got enough of pressure! Today is the last day for me to finish off all the pre-registration work before stepping my foot into the lousy college. Lousy college with some smart-ass students like Kate. *cough cough*

Nobody likes doing last-minute work. However, if you look at the bright side, it can actually bring you a whole lot of contentment. Yes, no doubt that you will go gaga if you fail to do it at last minute, yet if you do, you will find the joy, feeling that you’ve accomplish a great mission, and nothing can be more satisfying than your great victory. Take an example, this morning I haven’t:

1. Photocopy my JPA offer letter, IC, birth cert and some other documents;
2. Find someone to certify them;
3. Bank-in RM195 registration fee at Bank Islam;
4. Get my contact lense from Axis;
5. Take 8 passport-sized photo;
6. Buy a hair-dryer and a cordless kettle;
7. Find my sport shoes (if I have) from the cabinet
8. E-mail someone his pictures that I promised to send him since 4months ago

I was going crazy.

I was dying.

Finally after having breakfast, I went to Bank Islam where 99% of the people inside are Malays. Duh, you can figure it merely by its name. I wonder whether we are allowed to take pictures publicly in the bank. The security was guarding there like a dog. Still, I took out my camera and simply captured around. There you are! I found two Chinese guys standing at the counter Good to know that I’m not the odd one there.

It frustrated me to find an old man staring at me like I’m an underage trying to rob the bank. I would have felt better if a young and handsome man stares at me, like I’m the beauty of the world! XD Just when I was deep in thought, the bank assistant called Lxx Yxxx Fxx’s name loud and clearly and left me in wonders. Isn’t him the guy who used to work at Workshop? He just came out from Matrik and will be going to UKM this Sunday. Mum had been telling me a lot about what he told me (indirectly) lately including do’s and don’ts when I go to KL and how I should clean my room. Come on, you’re just a young teenage! Don’t be so bossy like my grandpa and tell me to becareful when I cross the road! I mean, yes I appreciate your advice but next time, get my phone number and I will give all my time listen as you nag! That will be better than having you telling mum how proud and hostile I appear to you.

My freshly-brewed photographs which tell me that I’m having a bad hair day. When I compared it to my previous photographs, hey, my features look exactly the same!

Like duh. . .

I went to a shop nearby to get my JPA stuff photocopied to keep them as proof. I was overjoyed to find a few photocopied leftover of my SPM results and some equivalent documents in my file. The INTEC booklet says that “semua dokumen mesti disahkan”, however dad’s, mum’s and my birth certs and IC aren’t certified! But. . . no! I’m going back to school to ask for teachers’ favour! Never mind, because you know what?

Rules. They are meant to be broken. I will not die without anybody’s cop and signature. Why the fuss? Hang on, I will show you my original ones and you shall tell me “Oh, now we know your certs are real ones. You’ve proven that they aren’t faked. Missy, you’re free to go!”

I chose a cute Philip hair-dryer and a Pensonic cordless kettle which aren’t too costly.

In the electrical shop. . .
Mum: What else do you need?
Kate: Hmm. . . I just remembered what I need! A TV and a radio!
Mum: Wo bong gei ni si ar! (as in, slap me to death XD)

Mum: Are you going for study or going to enjoy your life?

Good question. My answer shall be “BOTH!”

Come on, I was just kidding about the TV and the radio. My laptop can easily replace them as long as I get to access to the net!

I can’t believe that I’m leaving my home sweet home tomorrow to start a new life at that industrial place! Can I bring mummy along? X(

Note: Hui Yi is back! But she'll be back next Saturday. So fast. . .

Sorry to Jess, James and Henry that I couldn't make it tonight. Kinda busy at the moment. We shall meet again when I'm back, and I'll update you guys with my life over there! Cheers=)


Anonymous said...

what? busy? busy updating your blog huh? i'm also 'busy' and lazy. sorries to james and henry should be sufficient. XD


bacterium said...

your expression looks the same. omg.

Copykate said...

Jess, no! i wasn't busy blogging cause my posts were already prepared in the afternoon. i was just busy cutting my nails and tidying up all the little little things. in case i leave smth over. i will freak out! XD

Copykate said...

bac, u mean ur expression is different in each passport-sized photo that u take? wow. like, the 1st one happy. the 2nd sad. angry. joyful. cute. cheeky. monstrous. hmm, good idea. i shall learn from you next time! XD

yC said...

Don't forget your extension plug :)

Between, I can see that you start to play with Photoshop, right?

Good on you, keep in uP!

Copykate said...

thanks ya, yc. but anyway, that wasn't photoshop. just some random photo editor. not much function. having some problem activating my pirated photoshop. kekeke

bacterium said...

err. need help to activate it? *giggle*

after all, your expression is the same in all the photo you've taken so far.. psst.. is there a secret technique involved?