Monday, June 18, 2007

Xtreme Cafe Sucks

I would like to voice out my feedback towards Xtreme Café, which I consider the lousiest ever café in Muar now. The café isn’t going to survive any longer. First of all, there is only one cook and one waiter in the shop. Doesn’t matter if they are efficient enough to run the whole café, but the problem is, the service is bad and the food is lousy! The waiter was so caught up with his computer game that he seemed unhappy that there were new customers. Eventually he took the menu, simply dumped it on our table and walked off. Then he went back to his gaming world. Not to mention the drinks with price which I thought was a little unreasonable cause they are served in small glasses, and worst of all is the juice which aren’t fresh juice but those we can easily get in supermarket, whether it be orange or kiwi juice. The mocha, latte, espresso were not much matter.

I thought at least the food would taste good, however they proved me wrong. When my fish and chips came, I looked at it with my brows crumpled and my mouth half-opened. What the fish is this?! Two tiny pieces of their so-called Dory fish, some unappetizing French fries and. . . what the heck two tiny pieces of toasted bread?! The size of the fish was not even half of the size of those I always eat. It was simply ridiculous! I told myself I wasn’t going to pay for that! Just look at the way he puts the cutlery!

When I cut one little piece and tried it, yucks! Yucky is all you can describe. I told the waiter, 你们的鱼很不新鲜! He was quiet for a few seconds, not knowing what to answer me. So I asked him to take it back and go try it himself! And I asked him whether he thinks that the fish was ridiculously small. Later on, he came back to me with a menu and ask me to order something else. It frustrated me that instead of admitting that there was something wrong with their fish, he said Dory fish taste like that. As if I’ve never tried it before huh? My mum can cook better than your fat ass chef! I swear that I will never go to that Café again!


N!cky said...

did you pay?

Copykate said...

duh, of cos not! i return him the whole plate. wud have complaint his his boss if he dare to ask me to pay!

Anonymous said...

the food there sucks.
i only ate the food there once and i told myself not to go there anymore.
and it was like more than 2 years ago.
am wonderin why the cafe is still opened.