Monday, June 18, 2007

Cheesecake For Daddy

Happy Father’s Day!

First time ever making a cake with Jess’s help. Cheesecake is rather easy cause we don’t have to bake it, so I succeeded at my first attempt. It was a memorable experience, so I did not forget to shoot down the whole procedure.

First, boil 1 cup of orange juice with 2 table spoons of gelatine.

Prepare 50g of butter and 155g of oreo.

Smash the oreo into small bits.

Mix the oreo bits with melted butter.

Place the mixture into a container as the first layer of your cake and press it with your hand.

Cream cheese + whipping cream + boiled orange juice.

Pour it into the container.

Put it into the fridge.

After two hours or so, spread some blueberry jam as the top layer.

Last but not least, form your wordings with white chocolate chips.

Done! I thought Chinese words could be easier.

Okay, my cake was a little ugly, but it tasted yummy! My aunt happened to came over yesterday, she tried it and thought we bought it from Secret Recipe!


AndrewC said...

Got a laydown of the cost of this cake?

Anonymous said...

i think mine was nicer XD. i left blueberry topping out this time. spelt D-(a heart with strawberry jam)-d. XD. btw andrew, bout 20-30 bucks, malaysian bucks. secret recipe's a lil more "cost-effective" if you need more grammes. but, some prefers hands-on.


Anonymous said...

what is the cup size for the orange juice? and how much of cream chesse and whipping cheese?