Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bad Luck Always

OMG why all the bad things always happen on me?! I lost my JPA offer letter! Dammit! It’s bad enough that I lost it, and worse off that I just realized it today! I must have left it in the poliklinik the other day! Shit shit shit. . . Oh God, I pray that the doctor would not be dumb enough to throw my most precious thing away! He used to be a medic student, and he was probably a JPA holder, so please please please! No, don’t ever let the nurse touch it! She would think it’s just some useless junk and it might end up in the trash bin! Then where am I supposed to search it??? I’m so traumatised right now that I think I can faint. I’m sweating all over, worried about the fate of that few pieces of paper. If only I could turn back time, I would have checked whether it was still there. Before it’s too late. How?????????

My parents especially my dad scolded me like I did a serious crime. I was already feeling bad enough! Why can’t they be more understanding huh?

Forget it. Just hope that God will not be that cruel to me. I’m going to the poliklinik early morning tomorrow. No use fretting over it.

Anyway, I bought a few things from Econsave and The Store today. Things which I need when I leave for Shah Alam. Pillow, pail, basin, towel, hanger, brush, shampoo etc.


And not forgetting the bed sheet and pillow set which I bought the other day. Nice eh?

Coconut from the street for tea time! I mean, no, we didn’t find it on the roadside but bought it from a stall on the way back. My sister who doesn’t look like me. Or does she? =)

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