Friday, June 29, 2007

Seoul Garden

Good news!
I added memory RAM to my laptop so now it works more efficiently and is no longer slow like a tortoise! The worker overheard dad and had mistaken “add up to 1GB” as “add 1GB”. So I have 1.5GB of RAM now=)

Bad news!
I had insomnia!
I woke up at 2am in the midnight feeling wide-awake and energetic. I couldn’t fall sleep again! Not until 4am, after I tried hard thinking about some dull and boring things which most probably “turned my brain off”. This is what I end up when I’m lack of sleep:

During that few hour I sent a message to Chuang Hwee just to check how he would respond. It happened that he forgot to set silent mode that night and I woke him up from his sleep! *guilty* In addition to that, I sent a message all across the ocean to Dakota since it was already 7am in New Zealand. I found this random picture of me in one of his recent posts.

His so-called “cute tribute”.

Got this from 6 guides to a successful tantrum

Isn’t he simply cool and cute? Yes, everybody loves him! Show me one who doesn’t? Admit it, who wouldn’t resist a sweet-sixteen boy? <3>

I chose myself a few pair of new shoes from dad’s shop!
This pair is to match my formal attire.

This pair is to match my Baju Kurung.

After second thought, I decided to choose another pair of shoes cause the shoes I was wearing at that moment was all old and dirty, and there was even a hole at the side! So this is what I got after browsing through all the display items:

Because I was going to Malacca for shopping spree and I needed a pair of proper shoes to walk comfortably!
Dad’s expression when he saw me stealing his property.

He asked what do I need so many pair of shoes for when I’m merely going for studies. Hey daddy, don’t you know that women can never be contented with all she’s having? There’s no such thing as ENOUGH pair of shoes!

Later on, I discovered this cool shirt in another shop. Focus on the words. I didn’t take it though. I just thought it was cool, doesn’t mean I like it.

Off to Malacca!~

First place that we visit in Mahkota Parade was the loo.

Nice design eh?

To tell you the truth, our main purpose was not to shop but to eat at Seoul Garden! This is where we can enjoy steamboat and barbeque at the same time. The price was worthwhile, especially if you’re someone who brings your student ID around like me. Pay RM16.99 and eat as much as you can!

My beloved sausage dropped and stained my clothes.

Make yourself a bowl of ais-kacang for dessert.

There are 6 flavours of ice-cream too if you want.

See how happy they are XD

Place to visit after eating. It’s no other than the loo again. This time for a different purpose.

This is my mum and she is really self-conscious =)

Gosh, I’m like a stalker spying on 4 women, among whom 3 of them are mama. Call them aunties XD

Aunties’ favourite shopping place: HOT

Things that we bought: Vincci handbag, Vincci sunglasses, Padini shirts, slippers and many nonsense stuff from HOT including cute little mirrors.

Shopaholic’s car boot:

Tell me I look cool.
Eew? X(

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