Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Trip to KL and Genting Highlands

I miss my 5days 4night trip to KL and Genting Highlands along with Jess! Stay put and check out our pictures!

We were supposed to depart on Friday but decided to go there one day earlier because there was a one-day-trip to Genting in our new plan. What? There again? How bored. But since Joel has never been to the theme park before and hoped to pay a visit there, so we sacrificed our time and money and energy all the way uphill, and I assured myself that it was for the sake of the fresh air XD Thanks to Jess’s uncle that we had a proper place to spend our nights in KL and was able to travel around without much difficulties as he dropped us at the LRT stations. So this is where we spent our nights:

I would like to recommend you the super cheap package that includes two ways bus, two ways cable car and outdoor theme park entrance (or) one buffet meal which only costs RM26 on weekdays and RM39 on weekends! Considering that the outdoor theme park entrance itself was already RM30+ per head, and two ways cable car ticket is sold at the price of RM10, which means we board the bus and cable car for free and even got discount for the entrance ticket! Wow, wasn’t that simply worth it? So, remember to take the bus from Pasar Rakyat bus station which is located somewhere at Jalan Imbi. Pasar, not Plaza.

“The Golden Age Bus” to Genting Highlands. They must had been thinking, “What on earth are these kids doing here on a Friday morning? They skipped school?”

Genting cable car. Joel thought my make-up was way too much and too heavy. Not at all X(

The first thing we played: Cyclone (or call it the mini roller-coaster) Kate, Joel, Jason.

Next was the Spinner. I caught Joel taking pictures of Jess when they were spinning high above. Kekeke.

Then it was turn to play the Corkscrew, better known as the roller coaster. Gosh, I didn’t even dare to open my eyes! XD

I love the flying dragon! Thrilling yet not so scary, and the ride included going through the indoor First World Plaza.

Lunch time. We were famished. My first visit to Burger King. Don’t be too surprised cause having a small mouth, I’ve never really liked burger. I just wanted to taste the onion rings which someone once told me that the onion ring there is the best!

Not really the best, I think. It could have tasted better if it was hot.

Jess and I shopped around after lunch. The guys aren’t the shopping type. Who cares? Just leave them alone.

It rained so heavily that we didn't even have chance to play the Spaceshot and Sungai Rejang Flume Ride. So we had to stay indoor instead.

My second visit to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. I remember going there when I was in primary school, and I was terrified by some bloody was statue.

Princess Kate on the throne. Hmm, more like a queen eh? XD

We will have good luck after this! Can the chair promise that I won’t fall from the escalator ever again?

This is my dream car.

It was Joel’s idea. Kinda lame though. LOL

Come on, let me snap a photo of you!

For once I looked fat.

Remember “The Pearl” that we studied for SPM? This is it!

These are my neck tie collection! Mine? Dream on~

Baskin Robbin before we waved goodbye to Uncle Lim. Cookies and cream, Raspberry Cheese.

By the end of the day, I was totally exhausted. Still, I was amused by how Jess brushed her teeth. Wanna take a look? The beauty’s ugliness revealed! Her legs were wide-opened at first. XD

Saturday- shopping spree at 1Utama! From 10am to 7pm. Shop til you drop! Sheesh, I wasn’t supposed to buy any clothes but I bought 5!

Halfway shopping. My legs were all painful and tired.

The cute unique bag I bought for sis. A lovely gift!

Set meals at Jack’s Place. Opening dish, main course and desserts! We sat there for more than one hour.

Spot the difference? Okay, I admit that I was the dirty filthy cat XD

This is the pyjamas that I borrowed from Auntie Ling Ling. I like it so much! But Jess said this picture looks like I’m a prostitute asking men to bed. Taken in the morning.

Sunday service to at. . . oops, what was the name of the church huh? Anyway, I met a few friendly people there among which were one guy and one girl who are studying ADTP at Inti Subang. Lunch at “Huang di Mian” later on. Wasn’t as nice as I had expected though.

Uncle Choo had 3tickets for the MPO at KLCC. He, Dennis and Cherish went for that while Auntie Ling Ling, Jess and I went for the Beauty Expo at the KL Conference Centre.

What a surprise that we met Jol Wee there! She gave us 3hair products each as instructed by her dad XD

It was another day of shopping. Jess bought a nice colourful walking shoes at Adidas. There was a hanger at the counter, and I happened to be playing with it. So the salesperson asked, “You want the hanger?” I said no no, and at the same time, I spotted this really cool mouse pad and quickly said, “I want this!” To my surprise, he took 3 and gave us! We were so excited over the freebies and when we got home, we discovered that there wasn’t only 3 but 6 mouse pads! Gosh, now that we’ve got Adidas mouse pad, I loveeeeee that guy!

Meanwhile, Jess bought me this bag from Romp as my early birthday present, knowing that I need a bag to go to college. That salesguy who looked rather like a Siamese kept looking at me with a weird expression and even whispered something to his friend while pointing at me. He was rather good-looking except that he was kinda short. I didn't even have a chance to ask his name cause there were customers around X( Okay, the bag will be the best present so far. Erm, nope, I’m sure that it will be the best present ever this year! Gosh, I love Jess even more than I love that Adidas guy! XD


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Hi kat, thanks for comming along!
It was really fun.

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