Saturday, June 9, 2007

"I'm Not Going!"

Yesterday afternoon I dated Zili to Uncle Sam’s Café. A perfect time cause both of us were feeling bored to tears at home. Yea yea so there was only me and him and later on I even went to his house in which nobody’s home and guess what did we do? Hmm what do you think? (. . . drums rolling . . .) Duh, nothing! You dirty-minded fellows! XD But it felt kinda weird being all alone with a guy in a house for the first time. He’s nicknamed “wolf” but it was 100% safe cause we are buddies. It wouldn’t be safe if his so-called “Penny” was there. LOL. (okay, he’s gonna blabla when he reads this) He kicked his pillow football while I chose some DVD from his collection. For the whole afternoon he had been telling me his scout stories, many of which were saddening ones. But over all those were his memorable experiences which shan’t be forgotten.

When I was watching this movie about the war between German and Russia during Hitler’s time, Jess called and pestered me to join her in Uncle Sam’s Café together with the usual gang. Why on earth would I go there since I was having a good time lazing on the cosy couch infronta the telly? I would have agreed to go if she was calling me months ago. But now my thinking is no longer the same. Call me proud, arrogant, whatever term that pops up in your mind, I wouldn’t once again be bothered wasting my time seeing some impertinent wretch that would simply nauseate me. When I resumed my Windows and signed in to my MSN, Yong Haw sent a “hey”. Boredom boredom. I thought he was going to ask me about Jess’s affairs again. Out of my expectation, he said, “So you really not going out with them anymore?” There was once when I told him that never again I’m hanging out with those people but he was having doubts. So this time he’s totally convinced. You slammed the table and glared at the page and shouted, “What the dickens does she mean by those people?!” Hey, I’m not saying you. Don’t make assumptions. LMAO. This sounds familiar. Tell me where did I quote it from? Okay, quit being sarcastic, you nasty girl X(

I’m getting mad this time. Kim forgot to bring my camera the other day when we met. I didn’t get to take pictures for three days! There were a few considerably important snaps which I missed thanks to her forgetful mind. What the monalisa is she thinking? She should know that the camera is my utmost precious asset! Pray hard that she won’t forget to bring it tonight to Xiu Ling’s house. I will kill her if my battery turns flat! Meanwhile I’m quite excited about the carnival tomorrow XD

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Copykate said...

tankie fau saeing meu blog interessante post. ta bem camiseta+s personalizada+s? oh. Ate mais XD