Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Mishap That Caused Much Embarrassment

Oh my God! I can’t believe that I slipped and fell at the escalator in Wetex! Right infronta dad’s shoes shop! I was standing firm on the escalator, but when I tried to walk down one step, “BANG!” I just slipped and fell. It happened way too fast and sudden, just like any other accidents. At that moment I thought I was unconscious, and it felt as if the sky had dropped down on me! I could feel that many pairs of eyes turned and stared at me. They felt pity for me? Or perhaps they thought it was hilarious. I felt so embarrassed that I took no notice of people around, but simply got up on my own and fled. The drinks on my hand spilled (obviously), but who cares about the damn paper cup! It doubled the shame for me. Fell down. Plus drinks spilled. What the #%@*! The last time I fell down at such public place was 10 years ago, in Summit Batu Pahat. In fact, the incident today was of the most embarrassing ever!

The fall caused my pride to drop at least three thousands one hundred and seventy five feet, and it’s gonna leave some horrible scars on me! A few deep cuts on my elbow and a row of scratch-liked escalator marks on my back. Hot tears streamed down my cheeks even though I tried hard not to cry. I couldn’t control myself cause it was too painful, and the blood looked scary. Did somebody curse me or something? Why would I have such bad luck today? I had been using that escalator for decades but nothing bad ever happened, not until today. Now what? I have this phobia of using escalator and phobia of wearing sandals. Blame myself for not praying hard enough to prevent such mishap. I hope those eye-witnesses will never remember my face. Better still, I hope they will never remember that incident, let alone spreading it to the others. It’s okay that I tell you guys in my blog, but it would have been awful if I know that the witnesses are telling this story elsewhere.

Fresh blood. . .

Just look at my eye. . .

Poor back of mine X(

Finally it's plastered!

p/s: I can hardly lift up my left hand now. It hurts. The joint is probably injured. Thank God it wasn’t my right hand!

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bacterium said...

not bad.
just scratches, from the way I see it.
surely you are made, tough!