Saturday, June 2, 2007

Save Our Environment!

Help! They are chopping down the trees and bamboos from the forest behind my house! As I climbed on the tool and glanced towards the forest (which is now a ruin), I saw hundreds of birds chirping helplessly on the ground. The big ugly freaking escavator that destroyed their habitat! The sight deeply touched my passion towards the nature. I pity the birds that now they've lost their place of rest. I wonder where they will be flying to later to rebuild their nest. The trees that did no harm shouted, "Help us, help us!" as their roots were being pulled off from the soil. This is not right! This is so cruel! The bamboos were at the edge of dying. Soon they will be exposed to the sun and die of dehydration. Kate will suffer too because birds will no longer fly to her window and sing to her every morning. She will suffer from heat for the trees will no longer be there to protect her from the sun rays. She will suffer. . .

But, sooner or later there will be abundant of mandarin oranges for her! Yes, thank God that they are not chopping down the trees to build new houses. Instead, they are developing it as a mandarin oranges plantation area! Woohoo! Which means, there will be tress still, and soon little birdies will fly back here to build their nest! There will still be "greenish view" when I look out of my window! GREEN rockz! What's more, I will climb over the gate and get myself some oranges whenever I feel like it, and I will get chased down by some imported scary-looking gigantic german shepherds! Yea, as if they will have such branded doggies to guard their little kebun. Kate shall never be afraid of dogs! X(

My hand is swollen due to the injection. The nurse said it indicates that there are some bad bacteria inside me and I may be suffering from tibi! Gosh, no! Please tell me that I'm all healthy! I don't wanna have any more injections!!! Right now I have to wait for my X-ray report. Stay calm.

Noticed the two lines? The nurse drew it to take measurement of the swollen part. 15cm! Kekeke.
A couple of days ago:

Chocolate cake from my neighbour. For supper! XD (I looked shocked?)

Our fishing game. The balloons are the bail. FUN XD
Dressed up for pirates. Bandanna which I haven't worn for ages. Yes I'm going to the cinema!

Ways to improve=)

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