Friday, June 29, 2007

Rescue Mission

One night you find the door knob spoilt and your two kids are locked inside the room.

Cracked your head figuring how it happens.

Used up all your strength but it doesn’t work.

You call all your relatives, all your friends to tell them the disaster befallen.

You browse through your phonebook to search for helper.

Try to open it by all means but fail.

Soon the expert is here.

Now, learn!

Finally it is opened!

And this brat is found sleeping despite all the loud bang.

The doorknob is removed. The door is but a piece of wood.

A piece of wood with one hole at the side. I can see you now.

Thank God it wasn’t my room and I wasn’t the one locked inside!

Such thing happens.
So prepare your tools!
In case of emergency.


bacterium said...

i'm sure there are better ways to fix that.

Copykate said...

blame dad for not changing a better quality door in the first place. no, there's no way other than breaking the whole knob off. even so we still had to used up all our strength plucking out the metal stucked inside. a memorable experience though=)

bacterium said...

i suppose better quality door is even more difficult to break, isn't it? :)

don't they have a locksmith somewhere in muar? u know, some of them is quite good in lock picking.. i'm the champion in locking myself out of my room.. :)