Monday, June 11, 2007

Gathering At Xiu ling's House

Saturday night
Old friends gathering
Xiu Ling’s house

The number or people presence was far more than I had expected. Chung Hwa High School students were present too. Gosh, I’m so in love with Cai Xuan’s eyes!

Xiu Ling, the hot that night still remains as thin as the last time i saw her, and let’s say, much more feminine.

The usual things you see in such gathering. Small talks, big talks, group talks, self talks. . . XD Each tried hard to catch up with another’s life.

I congratulated Cai Qi on her success upon appealing JPA which offered her UK pharmacy twinning programme.

Meanwhile we joked about how Jing Ying is gonna survive in India.

Yee Ching, whom I haven’t seen for ages was there that night. Currently studying in Matrik.

Kate and nerdy guys. Who is the most appealing? Kekeke.

Kim’s beloved teacher Miss Zhang a.k.a. PD (Princess Diana) was supposed to attend a dinner but instead sacrificed her time for our sake. Well, she was my teacher too when I went for PTS class in Chung Hwa Presbyterian, and it wasn’t until that night that I discovered PD used to be a student from my primary school.

I didn’t eat much expect a few otak-otak, a fried chicken wing, 2sausages which I barbequed myself and a few mangos teens. Do you actually consider that as a lot? Kekeke.

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