Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Precious Camera

OMG I lost my CAMERA!

Uncle called and asked for my help to be his photographer. When I was about to search for my camera, I remembered not being able to find it last night before leaving for supper. I searched all over the house, upstairs, downstairs, everywhere, but it was nowhere to be seen. How could I lose my most precious treasure?! It can’t possibly just vanish for no reason! No way. God, please help me find it. There must be a way. Think. Where had I been during these few days. Dad’s shop. Yes. Could I have left it there? But dad said its not there! Is it possible that some snatch thief simply opened my bag and stole my camera? Gosh, it means my camera will be gone forever, not only I won’t get to take pictures in future, I will get spanked by dad! No way! I convinced myself that it isn’t lost yet, though having doubts. I asked my sis and bro and even maid to search for it. I swore to myself that I must find it. Life will be dull without my camera!

Just when I started having cold sweats and at the edge of panicking, my sister shouted,
“Oh I know where your camera is!”
“Where is it, where is it? Tell me quick!”
“Remember? You lend it to Cai Ru Ji! (That’s how she calls Kim XD)”

Huh? I lend it to her? When?! Oh finally I remembered! The day when they had their 6M gathering in Secret recipe! How could I have forgotten! I must be suffering amnesia! So forgetful! LOL. What a fright! It wasn’t until today that I realized my camera is one of the most important things in my life! That will explain, you won’t treasure something until you thought you’ve lost it. Thank God that it’s safe and sound with Kim right now. Don’t worry, I will surely get you back tomorrow! XD

After all, I didn't lose my camera. Kekeke.

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