Sunday, July 15, 2007

Suria KLCC. Kinokuniya

One day trip to KLCC! Yes, really one whole day. Long and tiring day! From 10am to 10pm. Along with 4 other guys cause most of the girls had gone back to their hometown, including Hui Chin, Cai Qi and Yu Ping. Foong Yi was here but she wanted to go INTEC to do revision. What the freak. Obviously I wouldn’t follow her there! But I needed to get out of Akasia cause the TNB notice said that the current would be cut off from 10am to 7pm at Section18 Shah Alam! Okay, so what happened was, wherever I went, bystanders and passer-by would stare at me, probably thinking that I’m a slut going out with 4 guys=.=”

NTV7 was hosting Deal or No Deal in KLCC.

The guys were so interested in the pretty models! I could see the top of their boobs from there XD

Burger King for lunch. We sat there for hours, refilled and refilled and refilled.

The freak said his shirt was L-liked. Mine also not bad right? Oh wait, we just happened to be dressing the same style! I hope his “baby” is not gonna get mad when she sees this. She’s really a pretty baby! He can give her to me if he doesn’t want her anymore. LOL.

Tired of being in the air-conditioned shopping complex, so we went out to KLCC park. It was really a nice place! In contrast with the advanced architecture twin tower.

Petronas Twin Tower. Taken by Kate.

Liang Yeet (Austin), Yong Siang (Chicago), Kent Yee (Boston) and E-Jieh (Austin)

And Kate in the middle!

When the guys gathered together, their topics were mainly about SAT exam, music, books, animation. That’s all. Wtfreak. I asked them whether those were the only thing they could talk about. Okay, so at least later on we gossiped a little. I wonder why they don’t discuss much about GIRLS. Maybe not when a girl is around? Describe what you know of nerds/geeks. 1. With glasses. 2. Bring school bag around. (most probably with books inside) 3. Always seen with their earphone. They fit my description! Hey, don’t despise this sort of smart ass. Respect them instead! XD

Everywhere they went, the guys couldn’t stop saying arscthlotch (asshole in Germany). Get me something new, puss!

Whether it be inside the LRT. . .

Or in the RapidKL bus.

Arscthlotch saying arscthlotch XD

Do not underestimate this bottle. We call it the HOLY WATER. It cost RM2+ and 5 of us had a great time sharing the super precious “holy water”.

Anybody interested in befriending some random Malay guy? Apparently this fella was so desperate that he started promoting himself in the bus! So, get your phone ready and call him!

Vandalism has become so common in our country. Sadly they’re a bunch of inartistic pigs X(

By the way, I can’t believe that I accidentally kicked a cat so hard when I was on the way back to Akasia! I was so fully-engaged with chatting with them nerds that I did not notice the cat which was just infronta me! Although I really hate them pussies but still, I hope it wasn’t pregnant! There’re seriously a big number of them felines in that area, even in our hostel! Stop giving me that pity look, I’m never going to feed you, disgusto!

Imagine others had been doing revision for the whole day, yet me? Fooling around.

Long and tiring, yet a good day=)


jcjessjessiejessica said...

hey. nice pic with him. at least he doesnt look nerdy. good for u.

Antabax said...

no la. not a slut. frens maa. only 'kampong' people will think like that.

Copykate said...

jez u mean the freak? he's not nerdy, just a little freaky XD

we were in the same LDK group and now we got into the same class and he's sitting somewhere behind me. freaking. i bully the freak by asking him to take my laptop! i mean, who cares if he's a hacker? LOL

Copykate said...

antabax, of coz i'm not s slut! i'm a good girl. and everybody loves good girl! XD

jcjessjessiejessica said...

freakier than i am? we'll see bout it

lonehunter88 said...

hmm.. nice blog.. you're studying french under JPA scholarship? cool.. i'm in japan now under scholarship.. visit my blog if u hv the time

Copykate said...

jez, the 1st time u c him u might tink that he's a freak. u r comparing urself to him? wtfreak. u dun even look freaky! LOL.

wanna meet this weekend? dun tell me u r going back to muar? X(

Copykate said...

hey lonehunter! nice to meet you=)

i'm taking american foundation under jpa, not french. u r under what scholarship? japan! nice!! *envy*

do drop by often too! XD

lonehunter88 said...

nice to meet u 2..

american foundation huh?? that's cool too.. didn't know jpa still sponsor such high cost programs..i'm under jpa too.. u like japanese stuff?

kk.. not feeling too well tonight.. mood swing.. sigh.. gnite

Copykate said...

yea quite a big number of us are under american programme. where did u have ur foundation before flying there? its the short term programme yea? unlike mine have to stuck here for 2years before flying to US X( another yr for credit transfer. but can fly nx yr la if i do really well. kekeke.

not really so into jap stuff. juz think that it'll be cool to learn their language and be able to study there! see ya XD

Anonymous said...

Do u noe hw 2 spell Asshole in German a not???
Learn things learn properly la!!!
Don't learn half half la!!!
Itz Arschloch!!!
I teach u 1 more new word which is "Schei├če" - pronounce "shy ser".
I noe u got nice butt, but think urself as very hot la. Too perasan...