Saturday, July 28, 2007

Perfect Weekend

Weekend at Pui Yin's house!

In the KTM. From left: Pui Yin, Foong Yi, God-knows-who.

Okay that's Kepong KTM station. (like, duh. . .) You know what, I don't really like KTM cause its soooooooooo slow and lousy! Sometimes it would even stop halfway due to the technical problem. But so far I haven't expericence it. Definitely not looking forward to that!
I know she's gonna kill me. LMAO. You don't call this the-morning-sexy-look cause, it's more like a baby who got frightened in the morning, holding its bolster and crying for its mummy!
The real baby.
The big baby.
Khai Hong and Keen Loon who gets freaked out whenever I call him Kenny XD
By the way, they're Pui Yin's usual hang out.
These are the ones. Reminds me of my old gang (used to be) back then.
Khai Hong. What's Khai Hong? Chicken breast! (in Cantonese)
After watching Harry Potter in 1U, we had a luxurious supper in a Chinese restaurant!
OMG crabs!!! My favourite!!! We paid RM15 each for all the nice food. Cheap eh? Yum~
Chee Peng the sissy guy. I can't stand the way he moves his hand. And the way he walks! Perfect sissy=)
The green guy is Chun Hoo. Big Joker. Looks freaky, I know.
Keen Loon + Pui Yin. The perfect match. Not couple (yet). But soon, perhaps? A JPA scholar. Taylors. ICPU. Economics. Eligible Bachelor. What else you wanna know? Yea, he has got the look!
Guess who's the Dai Lou? DUH. . . XD
What the bug @#$%^&*!
You know I hate smokers. I really do. But hey, this pose is kinda cool!
Quit smoking. Thou shalt be free-ed from cancer. =x

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