Saturday, June 16, 2007

Punishment For Rapists

This is my first time going to C&W (Country & Western Café). It’s a dark little café at a corner shop lot which I took not much notice of. A nice place though, where most of the food are hot and spicy. When I first stepped my feet into the place, I swore that I was gonna like that dimly-lit place which appeared more like a pub to me with a Heneiken signboard hung over the wall. I was there with mum, aunt and three other girls, not women but girls in their twenties who work in Wetex (mum’s usual hang out). That night was the 12,738 time someone said I have a small mouth.

I have no idea why they are so addicted to the spicy noodle. The café uses magee mee for that dish. It’s their must-have everytime they are there.

This is the spicy chicken chop which made me cry. I felt as if that my brain was evaporating from my head! X(

Cute little mushroom XD
Don't ever order the lemon honey there (right). I mean, it wasn't even lemon! It's, what do we call it? Kim Kee or something. Yikes. The left one was honey. Tasted quite okay.

The topic that night was mainly about crime. Recently there were a few attempted break-ins in my neighbourhood. Five houses were affected including aunt’s house which is next to mine at the same night. The thieves fled when the alarm was triggered, leaving behind an axe and some other tools. No one could sleep well after that incident, fearing that there might be a second break-in. What on earth are these thieves thinking? Simply break in a house knowing that there was an alarm? May they be caught one day and may their hands be chopped off with their own axes!

Meanwhile, I’m deeply sorry for the gang-raped case victims in JB. The police could have done something to prevent such thing from happening! The guy actually called the police to seek for help when his car was being chased down by the Toyota. Moreover there was a road-block nearby. Don’t you think that the policeman could at least take actions? Aren’t they supposed to protect the citizens and regain peace for the country? Or is it that we must give them some duit-kopi before they can get up and give us their help cause they are so damn busy? What a delight that the three criminals involved in that case were caught yesterday! Seriously, I think that rapists should be hung to dead! What are a few years of imprisonment for them? They could still go around raping girls after they get their butt off the jail! Death penalty for rapists! They don’t deserve a second chance! Do not ever blame women for wearing too sexy or alluring to boost your libido! Go fuck yourselves if you’re so desperate! If you think such scumbags don’t deserve to die, at least have their bloody bird cut off then! And feed them to some hungry dogs! Alright, see how you’re gonna rape us then!

I changed my mind. They shouldn’t be hung. But instead,


Okay, that will do. I think the victims would most probably agree with me. Those ugly disgusting fuckers who bring shame to the country should not be spared! Go feed their bodies to the sharks! Get lost and go to hell!

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bacterium said...

oh well, crime rate is on a rise in our pitiful peninsular..