Saturday, April 28, 2007

SPM Award Ceremony

Garn. Somebody said I'm irrita****. Obviously it's irritating. But he kept insisted that it was actually "irresistable". Yea right, like I'm so dumb to believe you. Well, who cares what you think about me. Because, Kate simply rockzXD

Mum brought us for dinner in Uncle Sam's cafe and poor dad gotta eat in grandma's house. Okay, serves him right. He's never interested in Western food, never even thought of trying for once. So five of us had our own sweet time there, ordered whatever we want since mum was paying for it. I simply love the food in Uncle Sam's! They always come in big big plate, delicious with reasonable price. Unlike "pepe" cafe (PP cafe), where you will need to pay RM5.50 for merely a glass of ice lemon tea! Anyway, we ordered Fish 'n' Chips, Chicken Cutlet, Chicken Spagetti, Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce and Potato Salad. It took us almost one hour to finish our food(slow yeaXD). When mum went forward to pay, meanwhile chatting with her ladyboss friend, we decided to play with the leftover(carrot, cabbage, tomato, chili sauce etc). As usual, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth. Typical design. Like a clown's face. Nick was worse! He took a stick(the one we use to stir our drink) and poke it on his leftover as if it's a joss stick. What the freak? I told him that it was stupid and lame. Finally mum was done chit-chatting(aunties always have alot to talk to each otherXD). Uh oh, got lectured by her for playing with the food! "How old dy still teach them like that blabla. . ." Who cares? PLAYing is a MUST! XD

At night I was cheated to Uncle Sam's again! Yaw Theng called and said they were going to Secret Recipe. Ever since that incident, I've lost my passion in hanging out with them, especially when certain people still exist. Yaw Theng told me that W was not going. Okay, I still went reluctantly, although whether he was going anot didn't make any difference. The same cafe for dinner and supper! Gosh! The whole night I just sat there like an idiot without ordering anything. I didn't talk much either, realizing that there wasn't much topic for me to discuss with them. So I just sat there. And stare. And look. And stare. Oh perhaps it wasn't that bad after all. I played with Chia Hui's brother. Wrote his name with chili sauce on the plate and he did the same. Teaching a little kid bad things? LOL. Thank God Chia Hui have to fetch his brother back earlier, so I just followed his car instead of sitting there like stupid. By the time it was only 11something. Really EARLY.

Let’s skip to today. 7am alarm clock rang. Pressed it off and wanted to continue my sleep, but got a morning call. Pressed it off too. Okay okay. I was feeling tired. Then received a new message. Half-consciously, I read it once and sent my reply. After around 3messages or so, finally I was wide awake. After washing up, I changed into my OL suit which I’ve prepared days ago. Gosh, I looked dashing! Like a superior businesswoman, or perhaps a lawyer!XD It was the PIBG meeting and prize giving ceremony. The prizes for SPM students this year is considered good, thanks to our new principal. Frankly, I like her better because she’s modern, supportive and not so conservative like the previous Latifah. However, RM50 is obviously not enough for me to treat my family let alone my friends. I wonder why both straight As’ students and non straight As’ students but get good results ones got the same amount of money. I thought we should deserve better. You wouldn’t know how much I envy Hui Yi. She received the plate with her name engraved on it compared to our cheap and fragile little trophies which could easily be broken at anytime. Well, I felt glad to be able to meet up my old schoolmates again. Some of them are studying in Singapore. Life must be good for them. *envy* Managed to capture a few photos before leaving. Wonder when we can gather together and meet again. . .

After the ceremony Chia Hui fetched me and Kim to Secret recipe. Yong Haw was there too. Do you know that we can online there? There’s wireless! Well, I think it’s not under Secret Recipe but Muar Trade Centre Hotel which is situated next to it. No difference, as long as we can online thereXD Somebody said I always become “Edison” between Kim and Chia Hui. I wouldn’t want to be their light bulb again! Blerkz. Chia Hui was willing to fetch her today just to see how she looks like in her “papaya” , as in kebaya. Why papaya? No idea. Their language perhaps. LOL. Anyway I love cheesecake! Gotta buy cheesecake for my birthday! Yummy~

Chia Hui and the others went to Batu Pahat. Obviously I didn't get to go since the car was already full. In fact you should know the main reason that I didn't get to go. Certain people will be there, so I should just stay put in my house to avoid further dispute. Is that right? XD Who cares if he wanna fight with me? Stay cool=)


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jez looks fatXD

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i am fat XD