Sunday, April 22, 2007

Miss Singapore Universe 2007

Miss Singapore Universe 2007 Results:

Champion: Jessica Tan (also the best body line winner)
1st Runner-up: Joey Feng
2nd Runner-up: Christabel Campbell

The pageant wasn’t really that exciting. There’s no suspense throughout the whole contest. It seems that everyone could predict who was gonna be the winner according to the ranking board. However, Jessica Tan definitely deserves the crown! I was instantly attracted to her the moment she appeared. And she really did well in the Q&A part. Impressive!

There are a few funny questions like “Will you strip for the sake of art. . . Will you shave your head bald. . .” etc. I’m never good at answering questions. I need to be given some time to think of a good answer X( I will be the first to get kicked out during the audition for beauty pageant! Kekeke. And sadly, I don’t have that kinda model feature. Neither do I have the minimum height in order to become a runway model. Sob sob. . . Mum always tell me, “God has given you a good brain. You should be satisfied with what you’ve got instead of complaining about your looks everyday!” Beauty vs Brain. Which would you choose? Why can’t I have both? Blerkz.

As for the Project Superstar, Henley and Orange managed to defeat the other two contestants to become the Champions. I thought Wee and Diana would be the winners! Their singing was better than the other two! How could this be?? Perhaps Orange is better looking than Diana and Henley is more stylish than Wee. But that is not the main requirement for this contest! Overall, my conclusion is LOOK DOES MATTER. If you’re good looking, congratulations! If you’re not, well, just get yourself a good hair-stylist and a fashion designer! Your look will be determined by your HAIR and ATTIRE! =)


AndrewC said...

How come you have the same conclusion as I have???
I came to this conclusion long time ago that hair and attire determines your look. Well actually skin quality and complexion too.

Copykate said...

becoz tats the truth.
skin quality? r u sayin urself?XD
oh, i rmb thr was once when an auntie commented that i hv gd skin. felt so flattered! kekeke