Monday, April 23, 2007

Kim Is Back From China!

I had a dream again. This time it was about me having two snakes as my pet. I rare them since they were babies, perhaps one or two mm long like little worms (ridiculousXD). Somehow I was in my primary school, and I left the snakes on a long, messy table. Jessica and I were walking outside the school. I have no idea where we were heading though. Halfway, she piggy-back me and walked for quite a distance! (Jez, don’t laugh when you read this, I have no idea why I would ever have such a dream) Later on, when we were back to school again, I saw Yong Sern (why him?) throwing his bag hard on that same table. When I took away his bag, at my first glance, I screamed like a crazy girl! One of my pet snakes. . . Its head was somehow twisted in a scary way! In fact the whole body seemed to be twisted and certain part was flat! I think there was a little blood on its mouth. I screamed really loud and half jumping, half running to get myself away from there. I don’t think I would react such way in real life, but didn’t know why I would feel so scared and shocked in my dream. Gotta search for dream interpretations. Kekeke.

This morning when I woke up and switched on my phone, 6missed calls from Chui(Chia Hui), 2missed calls from Latak(Joo Kim). So Kim is back from Shanghai, and I could guess that she was gonna ask us out. We went for wan tan mee lunch at somewhere near Jiang Nan Hotel(hooker place?). We talked about whether to accept matrik’s offer, and not forgetting Kim’s experience in China. She told us that China people simply spit around the street without first checking whether there are people around. She nearly got spat on and got really angryXD Gosh, I heard that the stuff in China are really cheap! But I didn't follow her there cause I don't really like to visit those historical places. Chia Hui drove his Kancil instead of Myvi, so I didn’t get to use the car pillow I bought for himX( Hold on, the reason of buying that for him is not because I wanna use it k! I just wanted to reward his car for always fetching me. Kekeke. Oh, by the way, I have the thought that those who get matrik probably won’t be getting JPA, since both are link through the government. Moreover Remina couldn’t have failed to get matrik since so many of us got it. Anyway that’s merely my guessing. Whether it is true or not, we shall find out on 30th!

Before I forget, last night I chatted with Abel(and Zion who happened to be in his house in Singapore). Two horny guys sleeping together! They couldn't stop talking about blow job blow job blow job! Gosh, please don't tell me you guys do that for each other! LOL. They even asked me to join them! Thanks for asking, but no thank you! Oops, sorry Zion, actually it was Abel who kept talking about all these stuff. So I started showing him a few hamsap emoticon. Horny guys can be fun as long as they don't demand anything from meXD

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Anonymous said...

yes, i was laughing. piggyback. maybe we should try if i could this saturday. i had a bad dream also! a long one which continued after i woke up for a while. it started with my classmate, helmi who asked me to clean his room because his friend from mara muar came to visit him. not too sure what happened after that.(this helmi msged me last nite asking what time is class today. his no ends with 8888. i thought it was a chinese.) bout china, it is their culture to spit and squat. till i get a blog, which is if i ..., anonymous i'll be. not exactly anonymous as you can see. chill.