Thursday, April 19, 2007

The "zi-lian" Xin is Back!

Act cute


Anyway, that's my favourite dress!
Nice, isn't it? So please stop insulting! Blerkz.
Oh by the way, Me and Katie went to Pizza Hut for Deli Wings today!
Poor Jess, she was so jealous of us! Kekeke.

Managed to snap some funny pictures of us in Katie's phone. Sweet memories! XD
She's flying back on Saturday night. Will miss ber badly X(
Should I follow her to KL?


Alvin said...

haha... at last u r back dressing up in a more ladylike style... i'm stil working on my 2nd post... will let you know when i post it...
u have an interesting blog too... i enjoy reading it.. but maybe you can try to minimize offences.. no offences..
see ya..

Copykate said...

yea i got watcha mean. kekeke. i din mean it anyway. but its quite unlikely that i will delete any of my older post. perhaps lessen the offence in my future post? XD

AndrewC said...

A blog is like a diary. Its for u to post whatever you feel and whatever you like as long as it doesn't insult any higher power like government, races, God. Its okay to say how you feel and friends, life and stuff as long as you don't f-here, f-there or hate here, hate there. Yup yup. Nice blog. Keep it up

Copykate said...

hear that? lolXD

Alvin said...

ur andrew ma.. sure support u la.. but i'm sure u won't like it if other ppl write in their blog bad things abt u or calling u a "sucker" in their blog, rite ?
haha.. anyway the right is in ur hand.. reconsider...

Copykate said...

gosh. he's not mine! =.=" btw, i said smokers are sucker. i din refer to a particular person. bad thgs? but its not like i was exaggerating. i wrote abt the truth. well, some ppl juz dun get it. i wudnt mind if ppl write the truth abt me=)