Friday, December 5, 2008

Little Cafe with Family

6 more hours before I head back to KL.

Wanna update a short post about our supper at Little Café last night.

Little Café is actually a traditional Chinese style wood house. The interior design is mostly vintage, blended with a little bit of modern decoration.

An example of one of the rooms.

Even though I was dressed up quite shitty that night, I couldn’t resist taking photos in that awesome café! The designs made me feel so at home, and I swear I am willing to stay there nights after nights.

My little sis was wearing a Little Miss Sunshine (it’s mine k, she stole it! O.o) while I was wearing a Little Miss Lucky. Very kacao right! And she looks so lan-si in this pic like wanna fight. LOL.

Priscilla was looking prettier than me that night (I emphasize, that night. that night only k wtfreak). And she is obviously taller than me. It’s unfair! And to think that she’s only Form 2 -.-

Gigi and Nicholas. Kiddos. Teehee. Tell me my bro doesn’t look gay.

My absolutely gorgeous mummy. Dad wasn't free that night so mum brought us there.

Mushroom sauce spaghetti.

Sambal chicken rice.



French fries and onion rings.

Hash brown (heart it!)

Did you see the captions in my photos? I think I shall start using captions, since I’ve discovered the wonders of Picasa.

Will take more photos of Little Café if I have a chance next time =)))


Anonymous said...

wah kates, that first pic, i tot the one in the right was ur sister at first. frankly, who else thinks liddat in their first sight?

Wen Pink said...

WTFreak ur mom damn pretty wei!!
Looks more like ur sister!!

Hayley said...

where is this little cafe located?? the design is great!! are the food great too?

Copykate said...

anonymous, noooooooo u did not! X(((

i looked damn ugly that night right. sobssssss.

she's born prettier than me. hmpf. that's unfair!

Copykate said...

wen, yea that's what people always say XD

Copykate said...

hayley, the cafe is at muar. teehee. the food is quite awesome also! should try out!

Ashleigh said...

Where is Little Cafe at?? Which part of KL?

Copykate said...

ashleigh, it's not in kl but in muar! lol

YL said...

your mum's really pretty! XD and the cafe looks really cool ^^ too bad i'm not going muar anytime soon -.-

AngelKein♥ said...

you know.. they said if the girl's mom is hawt, the daughter is hawt too. X))

Copykate said...

yi ling, there're many nice part f the cafe which i didn't show. will take more pics during my next visit! teehee

baby, thanks! she'll be glad to hear that XD

angel, yep i hope so! but i'm not sure if i will look that young when i reach her age o.O

Lynn said...

OMG she's only F2? I tot she's 18!

Simon Seow said...

Only Form 2? You're the oldest but you look like the youngest wtfreak.

Copykate said...

lynn, yea she looks rather matured right? teehee

Copykate said...

simon, i look like the youngest? yea right as if. wtfreak.

jeez u r copying me wtfreak!