Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shopping Bags

I'm back from KL!!!

Malacca actually. Went there from KL yesterday for Joelyn's birthday party.

Did you know that express bus fare from Malacca to Muar is nly RM3.20??? So freaking cheap that I could hardly believe it! Now we can go there any day, any time we want XD

I've had so much fun this whole week! Sorry I couldn't get back to you guys those few days. Had been really busy you see. Will update you about my days soon!

I think I've probably walked too much that the skin on my feet started peeling off. However, the effort was worth it.

Just look at my shopping bags!

There're more actually. Those colourful plastic bags from Bangsar and Sungei Wang which I don't intend to show.

I know you're not jealous. Yea, you're not. Because I'm such a super liar that I added in some old shopping bags. (To replace Bangsar and Sg Wang plastic bags, cannot meh? XD)

Right now I'm really tired to blog about anything. Besides, there're s much things I wanna blog about that I don't even know where to start. Anyway, just watch out for my new entries!


Anonymous said...

I see Gap. gasp.

Copykate said...

i know, one of your favourites apart from banana republic eh? XD