Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jess Is My Lesbo GF

Rainforest Bistro is a place for alcoholic and footballer but not for some innocent underage girls.


Nothing nice about the pasta. They make me wanna barf. Especially the creamy mushroom spaghetti. I thought it was too creamy. Seriously.

And the waitress was nasty. She refused to take our discount voucher until I threatened to ask for the manager. Smart me =)

Got this flier from Bar Celona. Sorry lah, under age.

Do we look like a lesbian pair? Let’s go make out at Bar Celona, Jess! XD

Guess who I met up with? Bloggers. Ta-dah!


It’s AD aka Uncle Wilson aka Papa Smurf. He looks really old. Even older than my dad. See, I looked so scared. Stayed inches away. LOL.

And that is our young lovely Zoe! Rather mature for a 15 year old yea?

Little mouse.

Who cares if I look fugly in this pic? The spongebob was cute! I just have to show you this!

It’s so unfair that she looks nice in every picture. Never ugly for even once!

Please tell me the pinafore isn’t short and my butt wasn’t showing. True what. You can’t see my butt.

Freak. She has a tongue piercing! Ok, I lost. Don’t ask me to try. I dare not.

Little Zoe stole our lesbian flier!

Oh yea, did I not tell you that she speaks with foreign accent? Well, I assure she’s not like those ordinary 15 year old Form3 kids out there.

Anyway, . . .

OMG wtfreak. Jess carries a handbag?!!!!

LOL good for you babe! You’re becoming more ladylike. And I heart your necklace! <3

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