Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Online Shop Frenzy

Been busy online shopping! Credits to Katie who has taught me to online shop. Ok, so it wasn’t true when I said I would never buy stuff online. Look, the parcels I received yesterday:

I bought these:

Was so glad that the candy bangles fit my hands well unlike those big big ones selling out there. Though I might be fat, but my hands are skinny XD

Brand new in plastic seal. Still got the awful new fabric smell. Yes, I’m currently addicted to this type of t-shirt.

I hope nobody would pull down my green polka dot tube top when I wear it.

They’re good bargain anyway. I wouldn’t have purchased if they’re expensive since I myself can get them from the wholesale shops at Jalan Hang Tuah.

Few of the items I’ve sold out. The most troublesome of doing online sales is going to the post office. You’re right, Katie.

One of my threads in Low Yat Net. If you’re interested.

Anyway, look at these statement tees! I’m so tempted to buy! The seller owns a stall at The Curve.

RM29 for one. RM50 for two. Should I get two?

I would most probably buy these:

What do you think? XD


3POINT8 said...

Very catchy caption!

Copykate said...


i really like those tshirts! wud prefer if they're made of good quality fabric XD