Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dresses or Twins

I bought a new dress!!! Babe says it makes me look classy.

It’s flowery. And I’m so into flowery clothes right now!
There are 2colours, green and white, but green one is nicer right?

Also, I need to get some new bra straps for that =)

Copykatie Copykate! Blue babe.

Oh yea, I’m gonna keep the dress for CNY! Better not wear it now XD

How about this black one?

I can't figure out why Katie keeps insisting that I look anorexic.
That is completely a twisted statement as my arms are so freaking fat! And my butt are gigantic!

Or am I just simply not a dress person? X(

I tell you, I've been wanting to cut down on my diet but keep going for supper every night.

Oh gosh. Gotta maintain my weight below 45kg. Gotta be determined.

This is supermodel getting ready for the runway! LOL?

*blink blink*

Maybe we should remove the bow to make me look less like a maid?

Wooh. I have a few pix that look busty. But. . . I AM NOT GOING TO SHOW YOU! HA.

Man, what do you think about this cardigan? I want t get one! There’s a black one also. Left 1piece. Ok that is a very kiam pak face. O.o

With a hoodie!

Freak, I should start storing more clothes for CNY now. I have to get them ready!

I made the twins hold those long sleeves tops! XD

Wait, they’re not twins after all. Not even related at all!

Jeez, how could they look so alike???




Des said...

i like ur sense of fashion, and definitely a nice personal blog here!

mind me linking u up?

good day!

Copykate said...

awww thanks! XD

go ahead and link me. wouldn't mind.

see ya =)