Monday, January 28, 2008

Our New Fashion

This entry is a little late. I’ve been waiting for Loo to post it but there doesn’t seem to have any new update in his smelly toilet blog. If you haven’t come across any bimbo-ish guy, you probably need to visit (See, I’m promoting for you. You’re gonna become famous!) No, I’m not going to tell you that he is gay-ish. Neither am I going to tell you that he has a very sexy body which any guy would fall for. Hmph. I’m hotter! I don’t care. You should fall for me but not him because. . . because he doesn’t have boobies! (as if I have any?) FINE!

Tell you what, Loo started a new fashion! Credits to me! Without me there wouldn’t be this new fashion! Cause he said he wouldn’t wear if I didn’t wear. You dare then I dare. Okay you dare I dare. Then we really did! Wanna see our new fashion? It’s absolutely very freaking extremely super duper AWESOME k!

Aren’t we the coolest people ever? XD

It’s so cool I tell you. We have everybody cheering and clapping for us!Seriously, I’m not making up stories k! No exaggeration. We wore them all the way from Mid Valley to Petaling Street. Even in the LRT! Those Bangladeshi kept staring at us with puzzled looks XD The CCTV must have caught us, leaving the guards thinking that we were some terrorists coming to strike the city.

Hello Mr. Terror.

Miss Terror who only looks good in mask XD

Right then I was thinking how I should respond if anybody happened to demand us to remove our masks.

“Whoever says that we can’t wear masks in public? It’s not stated in the law, is it? Don’t try to fool me. I studied law k!”

Hmm. . . yea. I studied law! Don’t you believe me? I really did!!! I studied in ATC Kemayan the law school. Everything was fine in the beginning. Classes were okay (except English Literature which made me yawned out loud and fell asleep); and my girl friends there were nice. But 2days later I quitted. 2days! I know you’re gonna laugh at me. But no choice. I hate that place! Bad environment. I had to walk past Petaling Street at least twice everyday. It wasn’t exactly a nice place, you see. The point is, I STUDIED LAW! I KNOW THE RULES! WE CAN WEAR MASK ON THE STREET! SO SHUT UP! Well, too bad nobody reprimanded us for starting the cool fashion. So I didn’t get the opportunity to shoot them back with my witty mind and profound law knowledge. LMAO!

Loo’s colourful (not that colorful anymore) nails from Skin Food tester XD There was a pink one but he painted it black on top, saying that pink makes him look gay. BITCH.

Do we look very scary? Why did all the kids show terrified looks whenever they saw us? Clarify: We’re friendly kor kor and jie jie k! We won’t hurt you. We’re the nicest and coolest people you could ever meet!

See? Say we look LOVELY! Say we don’t look SCARY! Say it!

Everyone in Petaling Street called him BATMAN. Really look like batman meh? Why didn’t I think so?

We actually counted the number of people who called him BATMAN. It turned out to be more than 40 if not mistaken. Some even called him Spiderman! Wtfreak? Spiderman doesn’t wear a black mask! What a big difference!

Come to think about it, if he’s BATMAN, then I’m CATWOMAN lah??? LOL very cool! I am catwoman! I have 9lives! Come shoot me! I won’t die!

But why no one called me catwoman one? Is she so unpopular? Someone actually called me BATGIRL. Wtfreak??? BATGIRL=BATMAN’s perempuan simpanan is it? Big insult!

Anyway, my purple mask rockz! It’s shiny unlike his black and dull one. He paid for the masks. He should. Since he called it “his fashion”. Next time I shall hold a mask party. Everyone will wear a mask. There will be all kinda masks. Pretty mask, ugly mask, cow-faced mask, fish-eyed mask, pig-headed mask, hairy-dicked mask (wtfreak who’s gonna wear that???). . . Needless to say, I will be the one wearing the elegant, MOST WANTED mask of the night! All the pig-faced (and hairy-dicked?) will die to dance with me. In the end I will find my prince (who apparently isn’t one of the pig-faced), then he will remove my mask and propose to me and we will live happily ever after!


Loo, something missing in the pic? Sorry lah I edited it and removed your horrible zit. I don’t care if you said you were proud of it. It looked awful so I had to photoshop it!

The bad thing about my purple mask is that it leaves a few red mark on my face when I remove it. The mark wouldn’t disappear until a few hours later. Perhaps my cheekbone is too high (evil queens are often presented with high cheekbones. Omg NO!!!!!) Maybe that was why Loo complained that I had too much make up on. I didn’t even use blusher! The mask was pressed against my face, hence left the red mark there! I didn’t exactly make my cheeks red in purpose you see! It’s natural. My cheeks are naturally pink! Of course he didn’t believe. Hmph! But I really didn’t use blusher leh. I don’t even have one. Ok lah, I used loose powder. A bit nia k. Loose powder wouldn’t make my cheeks that pink if they weren’t naturally pink in the first place XD

So, everyone complimented on our masks. Except one man who said it’s not nice. How dare him! Then I asked him to shuddup. LOL. I figured some of them complimented us cause they had a motive- to persuade Loo into buying their childish BATMAN tee. Oh gosh! NO WAY!!! Did they actually think that Loo will wear that ridiculous batman t-shirt? Nuts. He’ll only wear this:


Nice right? Of course nice. More than 150bucks for one normal tee. But I like it also!

Show off -.-

We should have included the GUESS and RADIOACTIVE (did I spell correctly?) as well.

By the way, did you see that piano? Surprise. I didn’t know that he could play!


Finally I met him! My beloved didi!

Shuddup Loo. I say he’s mine.

Now didi has blue eyes like jiejie. Told you he hearts me.

He’s really naughty lo. Kept scratching and biting me. Scary teeth he has. Look:

Lion King wannabe XD

123 jump! So cute!

Didi looks so fake. Dolly doggie doll.

Loo said this pic is super nice cause I look very different. In other words, I don’t look nice when I look normal lah! X( Katie said I look retarded in this pic though. LOL.


He freaking kissed me! Erm, licked actually. Tasted so salty!

Ugly me.

Tickle tickle you for being naughty =P

I have so many pix of Teddy and me but I don’t think I’m gonna show you all.

Nah, here’s one last one.

LOL for the sake of showing off my clean and smooth shaven legs. Nice, aren’t they?

Thank you. *bow*

I heart Teddy <3

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