Thursday, January 24, 2008

Joelyn's 18

Hello Malacca. Did you know that express bus fare from Malacca to Muar is only RM3.20? Freaking cheap!

That was my final destination before heading back to Muar. Final destination? Wtfreak XD

After my shopping spree in KL. With my new clothes stuff inside my trolley luggage. It didn’t feel nice carrying those things when I took the bus alone (should have brought a larger luggage)

It was Joelyn’s birthday party! Hey girl, now that you’re 18. . . ? XD

Boyfriend of the day! LOL?

Jeez. They’re like the celebrities huh?

I know I look extremely awful without my make up on. Especially after a 2-hour-travel.

We heart BBQ marshmallows!

Jas Min, the other birthday girl. Why did they say I look like her?? They even dragged me to snap a pic with her! =P

Chocolate Indulgence.

I love this dude’ shirt. It’s a she.

Anyway, I heart my new TOPSHOP undies but now I’m not quite sure if I’m going to wear them.

No, they’re fine. They’re really nice. The size surely fits me just right.

But. . .


I dunno if you really want to see this.

Caption: Sick pervert sniffing Kate’s fabulous TOPSHOP boxer.

Caption: Sick pervert attempting to wear Kate’s TOPSHOP flora brief on the head.


It was then I snatched it away from him in case some nasty kutu jump onto my nice undies. Who knows what kinda gems he carries? Gems. Germs. Gems. Germs. Whatever! I can’t seem to get them right. Loo is probably gonna laugh at me again. Hey, there’s no gems in the toilet bowl. Only gold. LOL. Now, did I get that right?

We visited Museum Samudera on the ship.

Man, I heart the blue sky!

I know this is a very artistic picture. *applause*

Tell me I don’t look ugly with my glasses on =)

I don’t like python. I prefer iguana. But Sanddy insisted to snap a pic. Oh well.

I bought a red Mickey Mouse umbrella in Malacca! Been wanting a new umbrella and it so happened that I came across this really nice ones! OMG it’s so nice and affordable! Total cuteness!

Now when people see me, they’re gonna call me “The girl with the red umbrella”.


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