Monday, January 21, 2008

I Heart Copykatie Hearts Bangsar Boutiques

I was so frustrated on Sunday because I couldn’t make it to Mid Valley to join Christien New and the others for Jarum Halus. Kenny Sia was there also! Jeez. I didn’t get to meet all the bloggers. How shitty is that?

Anyway, I have one autograph poster from Christien. With Mark Tan’s signature also. Hmm, in spite of me being absent XD Hey, it’s fair k! I watched it on Friday! But I left the poster in KL cause couldn’t bring it onto the bus. (Too much shopping bags duh) Will get it during CNY =)

Now what? This was our most expensive mamak dinner ever! Accounts Department. Cool, it sounds really high class, no?

For Katie and me <3

Tomyam seafood that cost us RM15! Woohoo, I didn’t know there would be crabs!


Delicious sambal squid.

Now you know that Katie doesn’t eat vege. Mind you, it’s Katie, not Kate! (just in case you’re blind)

You know one of the advantages of staying over at Aunt’s house? It’s getting free rides on this super chio sports car imported from Japan!!!

Look, isn’t it the coolest car ever??? Yes, that is LV bag if you can see.

Once you poke the key in, it says “alo, yamikudasai”. KIEEWT!

Girls, have you been to the boutiques in Bangsar Baru? Credits to Katie who brought me there! You have to see them! There are a few especially with fabulous and princess-liked display! Like a princess paradise! Man, ain’t I the Cinderella? Can I just buy the boutiques to make them my palace? All the clothes will be mine!!! XD

I am a super model with long legs. Ya, right.

I like this stair case.

A princess day bed. And loads of books. Woah!

Princess’s view from the day bed.

Princess on the day bed. (???)

Princess’s changing room. I hope the prince doesn’t crash in.

This is another nice boutique.

And another one with the cosmetic table. And ANNA SUI’s mirror set OMG!

Let me show you my favourite pic of all. Isn’t it simply lovely??? Don’t you like it huh huh huh???

Next time, I’m going to make my own boutique a princess heaven! It’ll be much much nicer than theirs! My customers will be princesses of other lands and they’re so gonna heart my elegant dresses!

Shuddup bitch. I cannot dream is it?

K, let’s pay a visit to Sushi Station. Katie actually made a video but I guess she would not post it up. Aww, she’s shy XD NOPE. She hates it cause she looks ugly. HAHAHAHAHA. Bitch. Nah, it was a good video. I especially love the part when she corrected that we were at a high class hotel instead of Sg Wang Plaza *wink*

Watch out, the train is coming.

The sushi train is a real train!!!

Gosh this is so cute! Sushi on train XD

My Unagi set meal.

Babe, I thought that was a nice pic of you =)

We heart century eggs! Don’t you?

People, this is Katie obsessing in the neoprint machine.Ta-dah!

We were taking neoprints for free. LOL.

Realized that everyone looks fab in the machine. Why huh? Do they use some secret device or what?

Look at my blue eye! It’s very round =.=”

Babe, you don’t look fat. You look fab. Wtfreak it rhymes! XD

Love ya <3


F.R.E.D.Y said...

No offense Sushi Station is a dirty and oily place! I been there once, the moment i sit down, makes u wanna go out! haha.. how was the sushi there?

Copykate said...

owh, it wasn't that bad when i went.

the sushi is only so and so. still prefer sushi king XD

anyway i don't really like the set meal. the only nice thing in the shop s probably the train. lol

F.R.E.D.Y said...

yeah, the train tht makes u wanna go in! hahha..